J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins?

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Re: J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins?

Post by Sophie11 »

J.K. Rowling, because I haven't read a Susan Collins book yet

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Post by ReviewerDiksha »

JK Rowling for me. Always! I haven't read the Hunger Games Series. I was looking forward to it, when the first film came out. But now my interest has faded a bit, because the last two movies just didn't fare well with me! I hope the book is better(which is usually the case). But with Harry Potter both books and movies were great. So, JK Rowling.

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Post by torrent56 »

Adonis Maratos wrote:J. K. Rowling definitely, i feel like Suzanne Collins is quite a bit overrated... I may get some people angry with this but c'mon people, the books were successful because they were just full of cheesiness and already proven ideas...
I'd like to hear you explain what they are or how Rowling's idea that racism and bigotry is bad is not "proven" lol.
Desto wrote:Harry Potter Series, because :
- Harry Potter teaches you more "values" than Hunger Games.
- Harry Potter had one of the strongest friendships in books, like ever.
- If Hunger Games had a strong female in Katniss, then HP had many of strong women like Hermione, Luna, Professor McGonagall, Lily Potter.
Some of this is true but some are just plain lies.
Harry Potter also teaches us it's OK to use physical violence against a friend because you're upset or angry if you're Hermione no matter what you do is always right (end sarcasm) and it's OK to torture someone just because you are angry and sick to the same level as Death Eaters. I should also mention what a terrible friend Harry has been to Ron and Hermione multiple times in the last few books.

Also you should realise some of the strong female characters you listed in HP are really flat characters with almost no weaknesses.

The hatred for the last HG book from some people is getting ridiculous. Sure, it is not a perfect book by any means, but it showed pretty clearly and realistically what happens in a terrible war. Good, innocent people die all the time in horrible wars. Simple. It's a lot more realistic than the HP ending where almost all main characters survived.

On Harry and Katniss – The big difference between them is that Katniss actually works really hard to get to where she wants whereas Harry tends to have everything handed to him on a silver platter. For example, Katniss developed her archery skills through years of practice hunting in the woods. Harry, on the other hand, apparently got his impressive flying and DADA through natural talents, no work required.

When Katniss heard she was going back to the arena in the Quarter Quell, she quickly buckled down and trained really hard for it. Ditto for when she expressed the desire to become a proper soldier in the rebellion. What did Harry do in HBP after learning that he had to face Voldemort at the end of OotP? Oh that’s right, he spent almost the whole of HBP allowing his lust, um chest monster, to dictate his actions to the point that he even wanted to waste his lucky potion to get a popular girl (don't you need to face the dark lord soon kid?). Katniss, on the other hand, never thought about dating that much because um she had bigger worries than who to take to a party.

I should also say that Harry broke the school rules to get a fake title of potions prince and because he wants some adventure whereas Katniss broke the rules in her district in order to feed her family.

Or let's look at the epilogue - the HP has got this fantasy all is well ending whereas the HG epilogue showed the main characters realistically struggling to overcome the horrors of the war.

I also should mention how illogical some of the laws governing the use of magic and wandlore in Potterverse. I would like to hear anyone try to explain how the wandlore rules work exactly considering it was introduced at the very last minute.

I like both series (for different reasons) and it is clear Rowling took on a far more ambitious and difficult project than Collins did.

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Post by Doaa Wael »

I love the hunger games and it is a unique idea but my heart goes with harry potter. I can't quite place what exactly it is but something makes me feel harry potter is better.
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Post by Diana Welch »

It will be J.K Rowling because I'm a fan of Harry Potter. I've watched all the movies of Mr. Potter. 8)

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Post by Sally_Heart »

Tricky question. Both are awesome authors. I can not seem to choose between them.

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Post by DeniseLaro »

:o hi randomreader, this is a tough one. I am leaning towards Collins but my gut says Rowling. This will take me some time to decide. Sorry, cant answer right away.

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Post by Tzara Drusak »

J.K. Rowling was the first come first served gal of writing, and as much as I dig the Hunger Games saga I can't rewire my consciousness to push Rowling down the list.
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Post by Snrains13 »

J.K. Rowling, for sure. I do enjoy Suzanne Collins for a more light read but the sheer amount of thought that gets put into Rowling's work is amazing. The world building is more complex than most, and it feels natural, the character development and even just the variety amount characters, and the complexity with which all of the subplots weave around each other and collide is such fantastic writing.

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Post by Arrigo_Lupori »

Definitely J.K Rowling. I've read both series but nothing beats the unbelievable imagination that woman has, mixed with excellent writing. A truly succesful formula.
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Post by Irene C »

Interesting question. I think I would rather have written The Hunger Games, precisely because they are contemporary/quasi-realistic and have pretty clear political overtones in ways I don't think the Harry Potter series does. I'd rather view Harry Potter as more of just an enjoyable epic story where everything turns out all right in the end.
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Post by Polgesteirg »

It's not really a question for me, of course J.K. Rowling is superior. Sure, The Hunger Games might be very good, but they're not even close to the Harry Potter series in complexity, imagination, and just overall enjoyment. It's like comparing Lord of the Rings to Divergent, nobody should do that.

When it comes to them as people though I don't know a lot about Collins, but seeing how Rowling behaves herself as a public figure nowadays makes me pretty sure that I will like Collins better. Who knows though...

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Post by SLD »

Give me "The Hunger Games."

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Post by SparklesonPages »

J.K Rowling is my preference. The Hunger Games was good but I can close the book and walk away. The Harry Potter characters nay world sticks with me long after I’ve closed the books and I long to return to them.

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Post by JodyVamp »

I have to go with Rowling. I love the escape of Harry Potter even though the series gets very dark as it progresses. Hunger Games just didn't do it for me. It didn't feel so much like strength of character as a lose-lose situation that was just depressing and made me kind of angry to read at times.

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