If you could take a writing class which author would it be?

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If you could take a writing class which author would it be?

Post by cdisenberg »

If you could take a writing class from any author who would you choose? This can be a living author or a dead one.

I have two that I think would be awesome to take a class from one alive, Stephen King, I've read his book on writing and loved it. He seems like he could teach you so much and I love horror. The other is dead, Edger Allen Poe, just to have some time to watch and learn how his mind worked and constructed his poems and stories! There are so many, I would love to hear yours.
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Post by BGChargers123 »

I'm with you on the Stephen King front, that man certainly knows how to write. Also, I would give anything to be instructed by Ernest Hemingway, his Iceberg Theory is one that is both fascinating and skillful.

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Post by bluebutterfly2 »

Jannette Oke (alive) or Martha Finely (dead) would be my choice. They are great writers of Christian book series, and novels. I really enjoyed their books.

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Post by sedmontson »

Very interesting question. My first choice is Joyce Carol Oates, I have read her books ever since high school. Always fascinating and grammatical. Love them. Also I'd enjoy studying under Jeffrey Deaver, he writes police procedural but with a twist (he's also disabled). :wink:

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Post by Courtney Whittamore »

Based on Stephen King's book On Writing, an entire class from him would be quite something. Invaluable really. But right now I am obsessed with David Sedaris and his unique voice. To have even an hour with him about his process would be priceless.
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Post by gali »

Stephen King would be much choice as well. He certainly knows how to write and I love his writing, though I only read a few of his books.
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Post by allwritemel1967 »

Enid blyton (dead) because the way she makes her characters live and beathe off the page is awesome. For someone alive ... tough choice but I think Jacqueline Wilson would ti the balance for me because she wrings emotion from the reader. I have taken a class by a poet which was very interesting ... even though I don't write poetry!

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Post by Ealasaid »

I have always wanted to take a writing class taught by Robert Frost. Sadly, that will not happen. As for someone living, I am not sure. There are so many. Stephen King would be fascinating, I'm sure. To be able to pick that brain.....
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Post by cjwatson90 »

I would truely enjoy taking a writing class from Shel Silverstien, Stephen King, or Edgar Allen Poe. I would be fascinated with them and would love to pick there brains. I think all three of them would have a very interesting class.

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Post by Jesska6029 »

I would take one with J.K Rowling or Chuck Palahniuk. I love them both for different reasons. They have two very different styles of writing, but I could learn so much from both of the authors.
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Post by shantyknight »

P.N. Elrod.

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Post by Faerie104 »

I would have to say I'd love to sit down and take a creative writing workshop with Christine Feehan, Laurel K Hamilton, and Anne Rice.

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Post by shantyknight »

P.N. Elrod or Seth Grahame-Smith. Very interesting writing styles which easily hold my attention. And would inspire me to create my own unique writing style.

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Post by Kayo Smada »

There are so many authors out there I enjoy, but I think I would first love to sit down with David Sedaris. I really love his unique, humorous perspective in his short stories. I think I'd also love to learn about writing longer novels from Fyodor Dostoyevsky, George Eliot, and James Michener. But what I wouldn't give to sit down with Agatha Christie and talk about mystery writing.

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Post by PashaRu »

No contest. Charles Dickens.
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