Which author do you want to have a beer with?

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Re: Which author do you want to have a beer with?

Post by LauraLeeWasHere »

I absolutely HATE the taste of beer! :!:
However I would love to have a drink with authors Brother Andrew, C. S. Lewis, Darlene Diebler Rose, Corrie Ten Boom, Gladys Alyward, Charles Dickens, Lew Wallis and Hudson Taylor. And since ALL of them now reside in Heaven, make it New Wine and don't call me back to earth afterward and you have a deal.
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Post by Andy_C »

Kate_But_Not_Kaitlyn wrote:
16 Jul 2019, 09:08
Margaret Atwood no doubt. I'd like to sit down with her in a little cafe and just ask her about the ending of A Handmaid's Tale because it's torturing me. What happened to Offred? Did she find her daughter? Did she end up working in the brothel like Moira? What about Nick? Did he get in trouble for sneaking her out?
So many questions and I need answers. :shock2:
Did you get any answers in The Testaments?

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Post by juliesand »

Louise Erdrich, author of Love Medicine.

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Post by ShayM08 »

Poe! I would love to just sit and chat while drinking some brews with Poe. I feel that we could have some very dark but inspiring conversations.

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Post by Tneagle76 »

Louis La’Mour

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Post by VTEC lar it »

Linda wrote:
15 Apr 2007, 22:17
knightss wrote:Bukowski or Poe(it'd be more like 6 shots followed by 6-8 beers)... you know.. if they were alive. Hell i probably wouldn't make it through that evening alive anyway.
Edgar Allen Poe would prob be my first choice. tho it might be a little scary once that guy was drunk...he'd pretty much scare me sober so drunk who knows.

and it'd be like 8 shots...im not a beer person. ha and then i'd have to chain smoke like a pack of cigarettes...cause that's what happens when i drink.
Christopher Hitchens would be happy to join you!

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Post by vermontelf »

I would love to hang out in a pub with Tolkien, but that will take some effort. Instead I might be quite content to meet with any current fantasy writer and pick their brain. My top choice might be Brandon Sanderson. I think I would also enjoy discussions with Koontz or King, but that would be more of a coffee discussion than beer.

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Post by hisamluv »

J. K. Rowlings, author of the Harry Porter Series

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Post by LeDiplomatique »

Fortunately, i am a teetotaler. However, i would love to meet Warren William Luce, the author of Common Sense and Reasonable Answers.

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Post by Lisathereader76 »

LisaScottoline as i think she'd be fun
Stephen King because he's a genius
Lee Child as he seems like a cool guy

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Post by char8026 »

JD Robb (Nora Roberts) because I love her cop series. I want to pick her brain.
Stephen King - I love his books. A little scary at times, but his what if's make great stories.

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Post by cmbenglish2020 »

John Grisham...I love the political...legal...adventurous plots and characters.

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Post by Milakudryy235 »

Stephen King lol

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Post by slj3988 »

I'd share a drink with Stephen King and ask how he pushes out so many books

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Post by L1th3rl+and »

I can't help thinking Bill Bryson would be a great person to have a pint or two with. Conversation would be easy and we could moan about a lot of things we both hate.
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