Which author do you constantly recommend?

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Re: Which author do you constantly recommend?

Post by Cryoose »

I would have to say, Robert Beatty. Some of his books are intended for a younger audience but his books never seem to disappoint me! If you are looking for a new author I highly recommend him!

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Post by corinaelena »

I often find myself recommending George Orwell, especially 1984. I just believe that his books are futuristic and entertaining and might convert people to reading if they have it a shot.

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Post by imaster »

+1 for LIanne moriaraty..

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Post by SavannahJones »

I would say Shannon Hale, but I don't like a lot of her newer books. Her Books of Bayern series, her Ever After High Series (until she combined with Monster High >:(), and her Princess Academy series are why I love her, but not really anything else. Now, though, I love to recommend Sherwood Smith or Sarah Dessen. Sherwood Smith is kind of like Diana Wynne Jones without really being super similar; Sarah Dessen writes cute summertime romances for young adults.

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Post by _l_e_x_y_22 »

I constantly recommend Adam Silvera. His books are so beautiful and tragic and his writing style somehow keeps me completely engaged and immersed in his stories. Not only that, but his amazing inclusion and diversity throughout his characters are amazing especial because they're own-voice novels. The lgbt community should definitely thank him for his contributions to the YA contemporary genre.

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Post by Fiyin »

I would recommend dhonielle clayton . Her belles series are really interesting, they give you the chance to experience a world different from ours.

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Post by sclow81 »

I would recommend Sara Ney and Christina Lauren. Both authors have great sense of humor and rather realistic opinions. For Sara Ney, I really like her Douchbag series although the characters are just about half my age. Christina Lauren has more mature characters but still, good writing styles. Both authors have female characters in their books who are amazingly aware of what they want out of a relationship.

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Post by Aditi Sapate »

I'm glad someone asked this question. I constantly recommend Harper Lee and Fredrik Backman to young adults and adults.
I also recommend Enid Blyton to kids all the time. :)

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Post by amjohnson13mommy »

I usually recommend Stephen King but lately have been recommending the Wild Cards series by George R.R. Martin since that is what I am currently working on.

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Post by casdill »

Tad Williams is always my #1 recommendation. Many fans of ASOIAF don't realize that it was The Dragonbone Chair that was a strong inspiration for GRRM's writing and I absolutely love that. My first Williams book was Tailchaser's Song and I always keep extra copies of it on hand to share with people. I used to work in a used book store so I bought them whenever they came through haha. I told different staff they should read it and it wound up getting passed along to people I didn't even mention it to. :)

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Post by KCWolf »

Linnea Tanner, Andrew Davidson, David Daglish, Amanda Hocking, Terry Brooks, and Patrick Rothfuss.

I also recommend the classics to readers who haven't read them yet.
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Post by Reviews by A »

Charles Martin and Maeve Binchy are some of my first authors to recommend. And both are read best with a box of Kleenex nearby.

I recently read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and I felt as though I had read a Charles Martin book because I could not quite figure out the entire plot, it was an emotional read, and the reader must continue to the very last page to know the full story. Those three qualities make Charles Martin great at what he does. He is a very humble person and does not think he is a "John Grisham" or "Nicholas Sparks" type author but to his fans, he is!

Maeve Binchy writes from the heart about everyday type people and that is her appeal. She is not attempting to teach a history lesson with her books but you get one anyway (at least in social history). She fills her novels with so many characters that you feel as though you are reading several short stories that she then ties together seamlessly. She was great and is missed by so many of her devoted fans.

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Post by Alivingsecret »

A very controversial question indeed for any reader ,though I would have to say the brontë sisters have my heart . Absolutely certain that even readers not find of classics will enjoy their writings for not only are they completely different in writing but light years ahead of their time .Each emotion ,every heart breaking note perfectly in tone ,I'm certain you will not be able to put the book down be it falling in love with Mr Rochester as Jane does ,be it reimagining heathcliff in the moors and pondering over the little notations of Catherine or fawning over the end of Agnes grey so beautiful and surprisingly expected ; I guarantee these characters will stay with you through time and ahead ......

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Post by Squidnnneyyy99+ »

I used to always recommend Jodi Picoult to anyone and everyone I could. She was my favorite for so long but recently I found a review from someone saying that she seemed to be writing for one demographic - white women. I don't blame the reviewer for flipping my view, because she was right, and I hadn't seen it before. So now I recommend John Steinbeck (who I used to also recommend to everyone) because he is ome of my favorite authors of all time. But now I'm looking for a new modern day writer, so I'm going to look into new writers!

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Post by Gift25 »

These days, its nonfiction, so I usually recommend either Abraham Hicks or Jarrad Hewett for life changing reading experiences that leaves the readers sovereignty intact. I have had so many life changing shifts around these two authors. And I only recommend them if asked.
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