J.K. Rowling or Rick Riordan?

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Re: J.K. Rowling or Rick Riordan?

Post by ErikaP13 »

bclayton13 wrote:
01 Jul 2018, 07:50
Like everyone else, I’ll have to say JK Rowling, but I’m very biased. I just really love the Harry Potter series. I do like Riordan’s books and I have very fond memories reading them, but JK Rowling all the way.
As much as I love Rowling and adore the Harry Potter books, I have to say I like Rick Riordan more as an author. His stories and style are entertaining. But more than that, his books are more inclusive and tolerant toward minorities and LGBTQ+ people. He went out of his way to explicitly include characters of colour, homosexual characters, a gender-fluid character, and characters of different religions. Rowling didn't do that, although it has to be taken into account that the two authors were active more than a decade apart. Rowling was writing the HP books in very different social set-up than Riordan is now. That and Percy Jackson is my all-time favourite character, so I may be a little biased.

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Post by Letora »

I'm all for J.K Rowling. Riordan is too simplistic of a writer for me. Rowling has a lot more plot twists and a more mature writing style despite the context.
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Post by Allenlau7 »

I personally believe that JK Rowling was a better author and since it was also created into a movie series that had great success and a lot of viewers and fans I think Rowling is the better author

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Post by Cjs Corner »

Honestly I am not sure I could pick, because they both are great in their elements.

Rick's focus on mythology and the way he ties it in to the story line is fantastic. It's well thought out and I don't recall anywhere where the story doesn't flow smoothly.

JK Rowling though is someone who is an amazing story teller and you can imagine her sitting down and telling her kids the Harry Potter series, and making up things as she goes when her kids ask her what water nymphs are or what species Buck Beak is, etc.

It's like comparing red apples to green apples. ha ha. They both have their uses and they both go amazing with certain things.

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Post by KaylaPete »

I love both of these authors but I find myself more drawn into the Harry Potter universe then any of the Riordan books.

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Post by leareiler »

I love both series, but I have to say I prefer J.K's writing to Riordan's. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and Greek mythology, but the way the Harry Potter series is written and the world and characters it created, for me, is in general greater than Riordan's. I'm not saying I like Riordan's any less, but on a broader scope I prefer J.K.'s. I've even read some of her new stuff (Cuckoo's Calling) and it's not too bad. I would definitely read more of her books, and I want to. But Rowling DOES need to cool it with all this "revisiting characters" and "adding storylines to the Harry Potter world that definitely didn't happen." Like, as much as I adore Harry Potter, I think she needs to put it to rest.

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Zoe Luh
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Post by Zoe Luh »

When I was younger it would have been JK Rowling hands down. But over the last few years my opinion of her has fallen, so now I would say Rick Riordan. I read the Percy Jackson series for the first time when I was twelve, and I still love them!

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Post by rahilshajahan »

My teenage life was spent reading Rick Riordan books. I have read the famous Percy Jackson Series, The Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus Series. I loved how Rick was able connect the modern world with the antiquated Greek gods and be able to create a fantasy that was easy not just to read, but also to build in my mind. I have only read the first book of the Harry Potter Series but knowing the story, it was hard to continue reading all those big books. I know I might harbor a lot of hate from the Harry Potter fanbase for saying this but my vote is for Rick.

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Post by Afzain123 »

J.K. Rowling. I just love her books, they are amazing.
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Post by EmmaZ »

I think both authors are incredible, but there's something about J.K. Rowling's writing style that makes become engrossed in her books. She was the author that made me become adicted to reading and I can't imagine a childhood without Harry Potter.

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Post by shirleym89 »

I would definitely go for JK Rowling, it was her story that inspired my dreams of being a published author.

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