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Books by Marie Lu

Post by atina_abd »

Hello guys, how are you?

Have you guys read anything from Marie Lu? I have read the Young Elite trilogy and to be honest, that series broke me. I've never felt such a conflict in me whether to love or hate the main character.

I've heard about her other trilogy and I wonder if it's as good as the Young Elites. If you guys have read that series, is it any good? And if you've read that series and the Young Elites series, how would you compare the level of heart breakage?

If you've never read the Young Elites series, it's a definite recommend but be warned, you might just let out a tear or two.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. :D

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Post by IsabelMay »

I actually enjoyed her books, both Legend series and Young Elites. I loved Legend more, as the other one is a bit of a mess with characters but still enjoyable. I share your opinion about it, the heroine was a bit off and I have a feeling the plot had some holes. Give the other series a try, you might like it more.
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Post by Jauthor97 »

I love her book Legend! Actually, that series is perfect! It has a bitter/sweet ending so you don't feel like dying at the end! (= Her writing amazes me!
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Post by RoxieReads »

I’ve read the Young Elites, Legend, and her Warcross duology. My favorite would have to be the Warcross duology! It has such an interesting storyline with a fun main character.

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Post by catss »

I have read the first book of the Warcross duology, the first two books of the Legend series, and am reading the third. Yes, the Legend series is very good with so many plot twists.

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