Who is an author everybody seems to love and you can't stand

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Re: Who is an author everybody seems to love and you can't stand

Post by tsh1001 »

Nicholas Sparks (too sappy) & Stephen King (too odd)
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Post by SurroundedByBooks »

Matthew Reilly is one I struggle with understanding why he’s so popular.

I read Ice Station and Temple. To be fair they are page turners but I felt nothing for the characters.

I tried to read Scarecrow and gave up. This blows up and then this person is killed and then this blows up and then these guys are killed. And then this blows up..

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Post by anaplasticCerebrum »

ReviewerDiksha wrote:
19 Aug 2017, 09:31
Paulo Cohelo. Everyone around me just loved the Alchemist. And everyone was like it the best book ever and all. And when I read that book. Disappointed. It has been overhyped so much! I just dont understand why?
I totally relate. I think it's definitely mind-blowing and exciting when you're younger, but after reading other books it doesn't pack the same punch.

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Post by Catie139 »

J. K. Rowling seems to be all the rage now - and have been for over twenty years. I absolutely loathe the Harry Potter series. Consequently, I haven't even attempted anything else of hers.

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Post by Almera101 »

Being from the Caribbean sadly I don't really like V.S. Naipaul's work.
Saying that is almost sacrilege because of his prominence in West Indian literature but somehow his works never grew on me.

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Post by Nhitra »

JK Rowling. I get a lot of hate when I say I don't like JK Rowling word but there is something in her work that makes me feel sleepy and give a pretentious feeling.

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Post by grgmrn »

J. D. Salinger, Susan Sontag, Ernest Hemingway, Samuel R. Delany, E E Cummings, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, to name a few.

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Post by sblake26 »

I would have to say Gillian Flynn. I really could not get into Gone Girl because her writing style is just not for me.

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Post by Bigwig1973 »

Ernest Hemingway! And, the worst part, other than that just not liking his writing makes me feel like a reject, is that I've read biographies on him and I think I would have liked the guy so very much! It makes absolutely no sense to me! I don't hate his writing, I just didn't understand why is it supposed to be so great. It always seems very straightforward and factual. He was a war correspondent - he didn't have to go to war, I don't think which means he was a responsible, go-getter type. He had cats. He liked fishing for marlins. I've never read For Whom the Bell Tolls, I think only The Sun Also Rises and some short stories, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" and "The Old Man and the Sea". I think I read "The Old Man and the Sea" before the others and so I was unprepared for the serious nature of his writing. But, as I said, I think I would have loved the guy! Incidentally, I was giving a Somalian woman a ride home from work one night and we were chatting and I mentioned "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" and she started laughing. I thought it was my pronunciation but she said "No... snows of Kilimanjaro means snows of water..." What?
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La Belle Dame Sans Mercy, Merci, Maria - Chartier, Keats, Hamik?

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Post by Varsha22 »

Cassandra Claire.
I get so many recommendations to read her books and I've tried multiple times but can't seem to care about any of her work.

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Post by aby johnson »

i think its these romance authors. Not Nicholas Sparks but authors like Durjoy Datta and authors who make the romantic genre so childish. girls around here make a big fuzz out of him and I cant stand that.
Smile, for better days are yet to come :D

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