Stephen King Movie Adaptations

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Re: Stephen King Movie Adaptations

Post by Almera101 »

Christine wasn't a bad movie although it did differ in a few ways.

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Post by Bigwig1973 »

Didn't he also write Cujo? That was scary, I thought, because it's something that can very realistically happen. I thought It and Needful Things were better as books. The Jack Nicholson The Shining was an excellent movie. I think he also did "Running Man", but it had a different title and was in one of the Bachman books. I don't remember for sure if I read Misery, but I did see the movie and it was freaky. A couple years ago, I looked with horror at a short 2 x 4 type board I had picked up for some reason or another and had sitting around the house and I kinda got the heebie-jeebies for sure. I also liked The Stand in book form a lot better. I don't know if I ever read Salem's Lot but apparently the movie was really good because I watched it with my 3 siblings (all older - we were probably ages 5,6,9, & 13) and that night we all had to sleep in the same bed. They made me sleep by the window even though I was the baby of the family. Of course, I had the benefit of one of my relatives impersonating Dracula, laughing the typical laugh while walking around, probably in his tighty-whities (apparently I spelled that wrong) or pajama bottoms so, that kind of make me empathetic with the little vampire boy scratching at the window. "Stand by Me" was also one of the Bachman books and the movie was very good.
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Post by aby johnson »

I know that always books will be more awesome than movies but IT was awesome.
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