Stephen King Movie Adaptations

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Re: Stephen King Movie Adaptations

Post by Sherlyn »

I liked The Shining simply because Jack Nicholson is so creepy in it. Also liked the Green Mile.

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Post by SparklingOne »

Just saw a news blurb on the internet. One of the big movie studios bought rights to remake "The Stand". The are courting Matthew Mcconaughey for "The walking dude" role. I think that would be cool
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Post by yenner93 »

I also have no grey area when it comes to Stephen King film adaptations - love them or hate them....nothing in between. My favorites are Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Misery, and The Shining. I hated Christine, The Mist, Rose Red and Pet Sematary.

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Post by Bighuey »

I also hated Christine. I liked Rose Red, but I never read the book. Probably if I had I might not have liked the movie. Another good one was The Dead Zone, the one with Christopher Walken.
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Post by rossallen »

Many of his movies are not very faithful to the books. For example, while the tone of Shawshank is very similar to the short story, they have two very different endings. In this case, I preferred the ending of the movie over the book. Similarly, the ending of Misery the movie is very different than Misery the book, although like Shawshank, the tension toward the end of the movie is very similar to how the tension in the book rises as it draws to a close.

The new Cell movie looks like it's gonna be terrible though. Samuel L. Jackson as Tom McCourt just doesn't seem like a good fit to me.

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Post by Applelady72 »

Movie versions of Stephen King books are a mixed bag for certain, but some are just perfection. He is a wonderful story teller and I feel that his style is something that is just better when it is trapped in you own imagination in some cases a movie is a bad plan. I feel the movie that were bad, The Lawnmower Man is an example, are usually bad due to horrible casting choices. The Green Mile was put together with much more thought and care, it was a beautiful story and they just let it happen. That movie totally works! I love Carrie and the Shining too, again the casting was great and the script was close to the book.

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Post by Humelay »

I love Stephen King and his mind for creating these crazy stories. As far as the movie or TV adaptation, isn't it true that adaptations always ruin how good the book was? Especially with Stephen King, my new policy is to see the adaptation BEFORE reading the book because usually they are pretty well done which means that when you read the book, your mind is even MORE blown by how extraordinary it is even after the adaptation wowed you.

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Post by Mommy2014 »

I prefer to read his books that instead of watching his movies. I am trying to collect all his movies though.

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Post by Jennyonfire »

Some of the movies are hit or miss.
I think the Langoleirs was the absolute worst. I just watched Cell and wasn't too thrilled with that one either. We have this idea in our heads as to what we think the characters should look and sound like but it doesn't always translate well to the screen. We all don't have the same ideas so there will always be those that think one movie or another was way off. Movies from books just need to be taken with a grain of sand.


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Post by Christina O Phillips »

I loved Misery, the book and the movie.
I was not scared by either version of The Shining, but liked both. Jack Nicholson made it creepy.
The Green Mile was a solid adaptation.
I HATED the movie Thinner. The book was sooo much better!
I saw and liked Carrie, but never read the book.

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Post by WestIndie001 »

I love his work, and work based on his work. Stephen King is his own genre. His horror isn't just bland, typical horror, it's intelligent horror--horror with a brain. I didn't like The Stand adaptation that much though.
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Post by derban »

I really like films based on his novels

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Post by Kelly00 »

I love King's books so much and am always so hopeful that the movie will do justice to the book. I agree with many of the statements above. Other movies I liked are: Needful Things, The Dark Half and The Dead Zone. I also enjoyed watching Kingdom Hospital.
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Post by Christina Rose »

The books are always better, but I am a huge fan of the movie adaptations as well. The only one I did not like was The Running Man.

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Post by willo »

The Mist was quite a mystery. Reading on was making me eager to find out the nature of the mist itself and what it does while in action

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