Who's a better writer, men or women?

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Re: Who's a better writer, men or women?

Post by Celticlady »

I think it totally depends on the author. I read mostly women writers for women's fiction and historical fiction. The mystery genre I think I read both men and women authors.

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Post by marles »

I think it depends on the subject. I don't think for the most part men are very good with their depictions of strong women. I tend to lean towards Historical Fiction, and I much prefer women authors for that.

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Post by ebeth »

This is a hard one to answer. Right now I would have to say women. There are only 2 men authors I am reading up on right now that have decent luck with their books. The authors I am into right now are all women.
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Post by Jennifer Allsbrook »

StephenKingman wrote:Men are better at writing thrillers and horror, as their logical and technical minds transfer better over print. Women are great at all that romance and touchy feely stuff. Alice Sebold would be a much better author were it not for the limitations of her gender- in practically all her books, she tangentialises at key stages of the book to explore the inner thoughts and feelings of her main character which is very intrusive and not at all appropriate to the situation at hand, whereas male writers tend to concentrate on the action first.
Nice gender equality viewpoint! Talent is what signifies a great writer. Someone who can communicate complex issues whether from a technical point of view or from an emotional perspective is the mark of a great writer. I am not sure that gender has anything to do with it. Perspectives may differ a bit, but I am quite certain that intelligent writers will research in order to understand and connect to the perspectives of characters in their stories that are of opposing gender so that the story has authenticity in dialogue and in the humanity. To speak of an author's limitations due to her gender is, for lack of a better word, belittling. Women are often concerned with the feelings of others in order to understand the motivations that are behind actions. This may be why Sebold shares this inner dialogue with her readers. What interrupts the flow for you, may make the character more real and allow other readers to empathize with the character.

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Post by Amagine »

No gender writes better than the other. :gay-female: :gay-male:
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Post by transitaddress »

[I think women..
because women are more emotional than the men in most number of cases,Men are considered as hard and tough,though greatest authors of all time are men..for eg:William Shakespeare,Kalidas,Shelley etc

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Post by bobRas »

If we escape into the nature vs. nurture argument for a bit, I think that men are usually taught to keep their non-aggressive/non-dominant emotions to themselves (and shamed if they don't), while women are taught to be supportive and/or submissive (and shamed if they're not). This is slowly changing in several societies, but it's still a thing.

Those are just examples, but I think that those learned gender roles lead to certain perceived differences in writing. Like women looking more towards shifting balance, context, relationships, motivation, and time (why and when); while men look more towards steps, goals, purposes, and space (how and what). The greatest authors manage to look towards all of these, regardless of their gender.
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Post by JFalco97 »

I very much agree with many of the replies to this topic and in the end I honestly couldn't pick one or the other. I agree that society has shaped each gender to be the writers that they are, with their styles and what genres suit them better than others. As a woman myself I tend to stick to reading romance and such, which tends to have me reading stuff written by female authors. But whenever I see a guy in there, I always love to read what they've written and applaud them for not sticking to the 'norms'.

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Post by chensea »

In my own opinion, men do really do good in writing. :)

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Post by csimmons032 »

Personally, I don't think that either are really better than the other, it just depends on the author's writing style. I enjoy many books, both by male and female authors. I can understand how you say that women are often more focused on the character's feelings and men often focus more on the situation. This may be true to a certain point, but not always. For example many men often focus on murder mystery novels, but there are those few that write romance novels. I don't read that many murder mysteries, so I really am not sure if the tone is different between men who write them and women. Either way though, I think it just depends on what the writer likes and the reader's preference.
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Post by patrickt »

I think it often depends on who is reading. There are a few women writers I enjoy but too often it becomes a "romance" novel. I remember one who obsessed on a niece of the protagonists who was an FBI agent and a lesbian. The first book with this character was interesting but it wore thin in a hurry for me. I suspect it wouldn't have for many women.

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Post by Abdullai Rogers »

One best writer is another worst,but for me abest writer is the one who leave the future unpredictable

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Post by Subnavigation54 »

To answer your question; men

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Post by Jaime Lync »

I don't think that gender has much to do with writing abilities. I could be wrong but that's just my two cents.

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Post by Miriam Molina »

I think gender is not the determining factor in writing a good book. Both men and women can write anything in any genre as long as the writer has the right inspiration and the talent to go with it.

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