Who's a better writer, men or women?

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Re: Who's a better writer, men or women?

Post by bootsie0126+ »

Carlenexxx wrote:
23 Apr 2018, 20:35
I would definitely say men....I have read a ton of books...and I find men to be better
Maybe you have not read enough good books :hand: There are a lot of women writers out there. The major problem that I can see is because of a male dominate society, it has taken women longer to receive recognition in just about everything they do. Keep an open mind that just as a man, a woman can as well. :lol:

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Post by cozark38 »

I think before you can tell, we would have to get rid of pen names. Even then, if you truly knew the gender of the writer, I do not think that has anything to do with who is best between male and female. I think it is like a good wine. If it smells good to you, tastes good, then to you it is good.

If you like a book, it reads well and gives you satisfaction and entertainment, then it will not matter what so-called experts say or polls regarding men and women say, to you it will just be a good book. I don't think men or women have the ability to write better or write certain things better, I think they are equal as long as they are writing something that makes them feel so they make us, the readers, feel.

My daughter and son are my prime examples. My daughter studies in a quiet environment, perhaps a bit of music. She writes very interesting papers on things she is interested in such as embryology or psychiatry. My son is what I refer to as a chaotic learner. He does multiple things at once, listens to a podcast, and writes science fiction or fantasy stories. One is not better than the other, but the people who read each article may say one is better than the other depending on what they like to read. I'm lucky.

I love a good psychological encounter that deals with the embryonic state of something. At the same time, isn't that what superheroes and science fiction characters are all about? A small embryo of an idea that grows into something amazing. :) Read what you like, and if you like what you read, gender will not matter. Always remember you may never know the gender. :)

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Post by Cate Mbevi »

Men and women are equally good writers but in romance, I prefer those written by women. For crime novels, I prefer those written by men.

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Post by Maja Saveva »

Gender has nothing to do with the talent a person has. Both men and women can write very good or very bad. It doesn't depend on the sex.

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Post by Vivianne Nat »

I don't think the ability to write good books that can take one's breath away depends on the gender. I don't think it has anything to do with it at all. I believe we all have the capability to write despite our gender differences. What matters more is our objective in writing.

“I don't think all writers are sad, she said. I think it's the other way around- all sad people write.” - Langleav

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Post by AdlerOlivia11 »

First and foremost, I certainly do not think that either men or women are objectively better writers as a whole. That's an enormous blanket statement! It also appears to be conflating sex with gender, and seems to presume a heteronormative reality-- can we even ask a question like that without specifying if we are talking about people who identify as "male" or "female", or people who are born with those sexes, or both? What about LGBTQ writers?

Even if we restricted the conversation to specifically heterosexual, cis gendered men and women, it's a fraught question. Primarily, it comes down to the individual. The stereotypes of women writing feelings better and men writing action or situations better do not hold water-- some male authors are extremely sensitive and great at writing emotion and some women could write a swashbuckling tale of bullfighting just as well as Hemingway. That said, I believe there are real differences in the psychosexual experience of men and women, to say nothing of social, political, and economic realities that can result in truly different understandings of the world. Because of this, I think male authors and female authors often do strike somewhat different tones, or at least, seem attuned to different themes.

I would be very curious to see which of the two writes more characters of the opposite gender. My totally unresearched feeling is that perhaps male authors write more main female characters than female authors write main male characters, but that may just be because we are more flooded with books written by men (women and minority groups having been somewhat shut out of the literary scene more frequently than men) so I may simply have an exposure bias to books by men.

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Post by nikkyteewhy »

I don't believe male authors are better than female authors or female authors are better than male authors. I don't believe the quality of a book, depends on the sex but the imagination of the writer. The quality of a book depends on the author knowing his or her talents and developing it.

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Post by JuliaKay »

I think both sexes are great at different styles of writing. Usually romance, ghost stories, and historical fiction, I prefer women. I think for men it depends mostly on the amount of talent rather than the genre.
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Post by afwright »

Thats a hard one. My personal favourite author is a woman, however I very much enjoy a lot of male works. I don't think a sex wins this.

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Post by palilogy »

I don't believe in one better then the other.
Even in poetry I have read amazing writing by both women and men.

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Post by gkgurley »

Each individual person is so different that you can't compare writing with gender. I will say though that it seems like many male authors don't write female characters dimensionally enough, but that doesn't have to do with "men" being "lesser writers".

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Post by Bukari »

Well, interesting! I think this topic is a very controversial topic we have to deliberate on. Before I begin, there is a popular saying that "what men can do women can even do better." So, as for me, it is just a popular saying to encourage women to also venture into new things, but there are many things or areas women can't venture or compete with the other sex.
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Post by Kirbylini »

For the most part I like male writers better. Sarah J. Maas and Robin Hobb and the only female writers I've liked. The rest focus too much on romance. Maas definitely focuses on romance too, but her writing makes me devour every sentence as quick as possible so I don't notice it as much.

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Post by Rob Graden »

Psychological research says that, in general, women are better with language than men. This finding would predict that women are better writers, or maybe more natural at it. On the other hand, the attempt to stereotype is indeed sexist. Dunno; is Katherine Mansfield a better writer than D.H. Lawrence? Both had the same passionate concerns, both wrote beautifully, and both battled with TB.

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Post by KatSims92 »

Whew, this will get controversial, and it's interesting reading other people's responses. Something I love about YA is that it's pretty much dominated by women and female writers/authors have had a harder time getting ahead in their careers due to misogyny. That being said, I prefer writers who are women.

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