Who's a better writer, men or women?

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Re: Who's a better writer, men or women?

Post by pricklypurple »

I really don't know how to answer this question. I think it depends even on the country of origin of the author, their experience with writing, and so many other factors. I think there are more published male authors out there. So, it's probably natural that more of the good authors I can think of happen to be men.

Nickolas Farmakis
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Post by Nickolas Farmakis »

I do not think that gender influences writing ability, but I have observed that women have more imagination.

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Post by nfdoughe »

I don't believe you can say either gender is completely better at one thing than the other. I think it comes down to what society finds acceptable for each, and then that field will be dominated by that gender. As individuals I think we all have our own skills and weaknesses. There are certainly successful women and men in various fields, but there are also unsuccessful ones.
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Post by slj3988 »

No preferance. As long as the story is well told and characters are well thought out, it makes no difference. I have noticed it's mostly women that write erotica though

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Post by tsh1001 »

I dont get this question.... writing isnt "gender specific" it is dependent upon the PERSON writing and the AUDIENCE. There is not a "men do it better" or "women do it better" answer. What an absurd forum topic... :roll:
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Post by mariana90 »

Utter tosh. Writing ability isn't inscribed in the X/Y gene.

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Post by Thea Frederick »

I think that both sexes are good. I tend to agree with StephenKingman USUALLY. But I would say there are particular authors of both sexes who excel in both action and thought. Dostoyevsky is one example. Of the books I have read, Crime and Punishment comes foremost when I consider psychological related books. Then on the other hand, Willa Cather’s My Antonia has a good amount of both as well, balancing the thoughts and comprehension of the main characters with the events of the story.
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Post by TheNeouReader »

tsh1001 wrote:
11 Feb 2020, 16:15
I dont get this question.... writing isnt "gender specific" it is dependent upon the PERSON writing and the AUDIENCE. There is not a "men do it better" or "women do it better" answer. What an absurd forum topic... :roll:
EXACTLY oh my goodness :techie-studyinggray:

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Post by cookiedough »

celiacloureiro wrote:
11 Mar 2010, 21:27
Personaly, I believe man are better in describing situations, women describing feelings.

It's always complicated to find a women telling about a situation without, simply, refering to the character's feelings, as for men, they describe the situation and take the character back, to an intimate place, where he'll be free to re-think the occurred.

Still, in general:

Who's a better writter?
I disagree. Gender doesn't matter. Not all men authors describe situations well and not all women authors are good at expressing feelings. As long as the author is talented and creates a great book, gender is irrelevant.

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Post by shirleym89 »

Men and Women are both excellent writers.

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Post by Bigwig1973 »

I grew up in a house that had mostly classics and classics were written mostly by men. I wondered later on in life whether or not this caused a bias towards male writers. More than likely, it did. They say that the only Greek female writer or poet was Sappho. Some monopoly on female writers - maybe they do/did write and the writing is hidden away somewhere. So, to answer the question, I would have to say men are better writers because I am a brainwashed stereotyping bigot and a product of a male chauvinist society. Which brings to mind, oddly enough, a quote from a book I recently reviewed entitled Letters to Sis: Memoirs of a Soldier where one guy advises the other guy he should listen to female singers because "You've got to be a girl to get a girl." "That's tricky"
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Post by MrsTurner2013 »

Each author has his or her own way of writing. To me, it is not the question of "who's the better writer" but rather the question is "Is the author writing within his/her element?" It should not be a question of gender, each person has their perspective. Each person has a different focus based on their experiences. I have known many women who are amazing at describing situations without emotions. I have also known several men who are very in tune with their emotions. People offer different perspectives and I think that is amazing! If we all had the same perspective, and the same focuses, life would be rather boring. I think a woman is perfectly capable of describing situations and men are perfectly capable of writing about emotions. It depends of the PERSON, not the gender.

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Post by emidio125 »

I normally judge the book, and not who wrote it.

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