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Re: Favorites Series

Post by lblack8 »

1. Harry Potter
2. Twilight
3. The Hunger Games
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Post by MarathonCF »

I really enjoyed the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles series, although I found they got a little disappointing towards the end. I also thought this about Harlan Coben's Myron Boltor series - they were brilliant at first but then started to get a little ridiculous as they went on. Still reading Karin Slaughter's series and still enjoying those.

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Post by DenieshaS »

I would say that my absolute favorite series that I cannot live without is Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters series. She is such a phenomenal writer. She has many different series out along with this one and she has even wrote under an pseudonym Kinley MacGregor. The interesting thing about each of her series is that she takes characters from previous books and expands on their story while keeping in context with the setting and her natural writing style. I promise you that after picking up one of her Dark Hunter books you will be itching to get your hands on the next one.
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Post by cort231 »

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, hands down my favorite. I got my Mom and Grandma to read them too. Love love love the story, I cannot wait for the next book due out the end of this year!

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Post by Fusiongirl-74 »

The Dark Tower series was amazing and well worth my greater than a decade wait to finish it! I also loved Harry Potter, Ted Dekkar's Circle Trilogy, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

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novel ninja
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Post by novel ninja »

i like the hunger games series

-- 12 Jun 2013, 18:55 --

i like the hunger games series

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Post by lucy_3 »

My favorite series right now has to be The Hunger Games, I know it is a book aimed at teens and it is an easy read but the story just contains so much imagination and creativity! I really, really loved it! If anyone reading this has not yet read it but perhaps enjoyed the film, I would urge you to read it! It (obviously) has so much more detail in it, plus I think it is really interesting to compare the two!

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Post by suzy1124 »

Stieg Larsson's " the girl w/the dragon Tatoo " trilogy...( " the girl who played w/fire " and " the girl who kicked the hornet's nest " )

Soooo who said a girl can't beat the crap out of any guy ? ( she's the poster-girl for" empowerment " ) 8)

any recommendations for the series: " the no. 1 ladies detective agency? " ( just ordered book #1, and discovered that Netflix is streaming the HBO tv series based on these books )...

is it worth seeing?...

P.S. saw the Stieg Larrson's movies based on the book, EXCELLENT!....I tell ya she's like a female " James Bond "

-- 14 Jun 2013, 06:52 --

Florida mystery writer Lawrence Sanders starting w/the " the seven deadly sins " and incl. the McNally series...

( loved his sandwiches too! )
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Post by FMChandler »

Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward
Harry Potter by JKR
Eve Dallas (In Death) Series by Nora Roberts
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Post by showaa_feesh »

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher! What's not to love about a pseduo-noir, hardboiled private investigator who also happens to be the only wizard listed in the Chicago classifieds?

You like the Sidhe? Seelie/Unseelie court stuff? It's there.

You like metaphysics, magical theory, pentagrams, potions, Harry Potter (but want a maturer perspective)? You gottit.

Christian angelology/demonology? Knights of the Cross, superstitions, vampires, ghosts, and Grimm's Fairy Tales? Yup yup yup.

Butcher is expanding the world of the Dresden File's ALL THE TIME--trust me, you might think the first three books or so are limited in scope but by the time you catch up to Cold Days you'll be sweating for the next installment to come out!

None of this stuff catches your fancy, you say? How about comedy? Crazy action scenes, one-liners that WILL have you howling on the floor, a detailed first person perspective and plenty of introspective drama and romance?

Butcher draws on a corpus of well-known fantasy and sci-fi/mystery fiction tropes, but the tissues of references (and deliciously snarky asides) that he builds throughout the narrative are what keeps readers come back for second reads, and thirds, and fourths. And then after that, when we're tired of paper and text, we kind of go nuts and buy tickets to conventions so we can get all those books signed. Wonderful series, wonderful fandom, don't buy any of these books while you're still in school/at a job that requires a lot of outside reading. You won't be able to put them down. :D

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Post by jazmen23 »

I loved rl stine growing. up i read almost all of them

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Post by bettyboot »

I have to say I quite enjoyed the Robert Langdon books written by Dan Brown. It seems people sometimes forget about this writer

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Post by darcyb123 »

My favorite series the last few years has been Phillipa Gregory's Tudor series. I have read every book at least once, and am currently watching The White Queen on Starz. I love historical fiction and prefer it above all other genres. My other favorite series is God and Generals, Killer Angels, and The Last Full Measure by Shaara. It is by far the BEST civil war historical fiction. Incredibly well researched and well written. If you have not read it, I highly recommend you consider doing so.
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Post by thompsonjh84 »

Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia (CS Lewis), Dark Materials (Phillip Pullman) all worth a look.

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Post by Zannie »

Harry Potter, and favorite series authors Jean Plaidly, Beverly Lewis and Christian Jacq because I like all their series and can't decide on a favorite

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