Dean Koontz

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Re: Dean Koontz

Post by FNAWrite »

"He’s a prolific writer" thus always available cheap at used book sales which is among the reasons I wished I liked his writing. Alas, I don't.

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Post by MrsAmyM »

Intensity is a great Koontz book. So fast paced that it is truly intense.;) Velocity, Watchers, Strangers, and Seize the Night series were really good too.

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Post by Alexsandra »

My favorate so far is Intensity,I almost sewed my hand up in a machine.Good audiobook!:)

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Post by autumnmarie »

As every one has already mentioned the Odd series is fantastic. I personally, due to many trips to the library rummage sales, have acquired many of his older works. I particularly am in favor of Demon Seed and The Eyes of Darkness.
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Post by RachelMarie80 »

I read The good guy by Dean Koontz and really enjoyed it! It had a very interesting and fast paced plot and the bad guy in the story was a great villain. I also read Sole Survivor and it was great also. Cant really go wrong with Dean Koontz.

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Post by varnish7 »

I like so many of Dean Koontz's books, that I really can't recommend just one. However, I didn't really enjoy any of the books that he wrote after "False Memory" and "From the Corner of His Eye". In fact, some of them were so bad that they made me avoid his newer books altogether. They almost feel as if Dean Koontz is parodying himself.

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Post by Kdecicco »

Love Dean Koontz.....but over the years the one book that has really stuck with me is From the corner of his different from his other books and love the quantum theory aspect of it.....also loved his Frankenstein series

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Post by SparklingOne »

Read Midnight that was a crazy weird one.
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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
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Post by yenner93 »

I am a huge Dean Koonz fan. I especially enjoy the Odd Thomas books and the Frankenstein series. Also:
Cold Fire, Intensity, The Good Guy, and The Husband.

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Post by AnnDJ »

I am reading The Face I love it so far!!

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Post by NookWorm »

i just picked up the first book in the Odd Thomas series and currently reading it. I am sure that I will be picking up the second book in the series since I have enjoyed reading this first book and when all is done, I am sure all the books in the series will be a part of my ebook library sometime in the future.

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Post by Christianmom1008 »

I started reading the "Odd" series. I only got through a small portion of the first book in the series. I have to admit, I have a bad habit of watching movies before reading the books. My issue there is that I hear about the movie before the book. I end up knowing there is a book that was written before the movie was even made after I had already seen the movie. Hopefully being involved in this book club it will keep me from repeating that mistake.

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Post by darkfae2317 »

I really like his odd thomas series and Tick Tock.

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Post by Arcturus78 »

I loved Whispers and Watchers. The Bad Place is a great read too. Lightining was good as was The Servants of Twilight. If I had to pick one though it would be Watchers.

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Post by abbierakes »

The only book I have ever read by Koontz is Odd Thomas. I certainly thought that it was well-written. I was told that it was a scary book but it was more suspenseful than anything. There are some serious moments and some humor and it's very easy to read. Sometimes you want something to challenge your brain a bit, and sometimes you just want something to entertain you. Koontz is definitely on the "entertainment" side of that spectrum.

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