Dean Koontz

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Re: Dean Koontz

Post by AmyMarie2171 »

I absolutely love Dean Koontz. The thing about him that surprised me was how different all of his books are. If you didn't love one, try another. They tend to be thrillers, but the subject matter and even the styles differ fairly significantly.

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Post by Ronjose2004 »

Dean put in alot of work in his writing and thus above the many reasons of reading books. I admire hard work

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Post by Nduthu43 »

I became more interested with his books when I read his book The Eyes of Darkness.

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Post by _Bokeh »

I discovered Dean Koontz through his novel 'The eyes of darkness' when someone told me it predicted the coronavirus 😂. Anyway, the ending of the book disappointed me because the reveal was not as grand as I anticipated. Nevertheless, he is a good writer because he did hold my attention enough for me to finish the book. He is also very descriptive in his writing and that, I like. I'm looking forward to reading his other books suggested in the forum.

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