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Re: Who's Your Favorite Author?

Post by sevillagirl18 »

I've loved Mary Higgins Clark since I was old enough to read her books. My mom and I have been swapping her novels between the two of us for years :)

One relatively new mystery writer that I've been enjoying a lot recently is Megan Miranda as well. You better clear an afternoon or evening if you're going to read one of her books because they're real page-turners.

Moving into the YA genre, I ADORE Tahereh Mafi. I truly can't recommend her Shatter Me series enough!

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Post by Tavaiel26 »

Favorite unknown Author: E. Jade Lomax.
Found about her online, She has her books up for free on her blog. I started her "League and Legends" Series and immediately fell in love with the characters and the world building. The books were so amazing that after reading them I bought hard copies of all of them so I could lend them out.
I would recommend her to everyone who loves fantasy.

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Post by tjportugal »

My favorite author is J R R Tolkien.
Reading LOTR was sort of a literary mystical experience: beautiful vocabulary, outstsandingly articulated into an amazing rectoric, to deliver a one-of-a-kind storyline.
I haven't been able to buy all of his books yet, but I could say that's a goal.

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Post by JaimeAlfonzo »

I have some favorites:
Herman Hesse
Fedor Dostoevky
Charles Bukowsky, if you are able to write about get drunk and there is a aesthetic image in that, you are a genius
Milan Kundera, Prague book more than French,
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Carlos Fuentes
Issac Asimov
Robert Silverberg
Brando Sanderson

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Post by cxsimpson »

My favorite authors are Jodi Picoult and Khaled Hosseini. They both write realistic fiction and their books always make me think.

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Post by Losttraveller »

John Green all the way <3

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Post by Losttraveller »

John Green all the way. Paper Town`s literally saved my life.

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Post by Tia+Reader »

i have many favorites but if i had to pick one i would pick J.K Rowling because i have never seen or read a book by an author who has that big of an imagination and, honestly , with her story writing abilities i can imagine the scene right there on the spot and i also feel like I'M on the adventure/event with the characters! i definetly recommend her books:the Harry Potter series and Magnificent Beasts and Where to Find Them. :D :D

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Post by Ssndraepitts »

:twisted: My favorite author is Terry Goodkind. ["]Wizard's First Rule[/"] was the beginning of a journey into fantasy with wizards, queens, dragons, witches and so many more characters. I have read through probably 10 to 12 of his books and am constantly looking for new editions. Mr. Goodkind is an excellent author that keeps you on the edge of your seat and up all night, not being able to put the book down.

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Post by Jazimina4 »

My favorites Author..
This is an extremely hard question for me.
I loved Melissa Marr. Then I picked up a book by Holly Black.
Growing up I loved and still love books by V.C. Andrews.
Jennifer Donnelly writes some fantastic pieces as well. ^_^

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Post by Ivona R »

My favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk because his novels never fail to amaze me. Even his newest novels amaze me. He also has this witty, sarcastic humor that keeps you engaged. My favorite novel is Survivor.

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Post by edztan15 »

Off the top of my head, Michael Crichton, RA Salvatore, Robert Jordan, and Stephen King.

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Post by tx71mi78 »

There are so many authors I enjoy reading that it is difficult for me to choose. Here's a small list:

James Patterson
John Grisham
Anne Rice
VC Andrews
Mary Higgins Clark
Sydney Sheldon
Tom Clancey

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Doris Manderscheid
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Post by Doris Manderscheid »

Jean Sasson is one of my absolute favorite authors. Her book is called Princess.
Describing the heart braking story of a real life Princess in Saudi Arabia is one of the most soul stirring works I have read in my entire life. It should be a must read for all females, because the truths revealed in this book about the relations between the genders is described in full honesty without shying away from the obvious misconceptions.
David Vann, wonderful author of: A Mile Down, the operators of sail boats, describing the unbelievable hurdles of seamanship and the trials and tribulations that accompany their often dangerous and sheer unbelievable lives. One of the best books I have read.
Ramsey Flynn, this is an author whose book: Cry from the Deep is right now a book I am reading. What a great find this book is. The author has the very rare talent of pulling the reader into the lives of many people involved in the deadly accident of the Kursk, a Russian submarine that met great disaster. Even though I am just at the beginning of this book I know this will be one of the most meaningful literal works I have ever had the fortune to discover. When Ramsey Flynn describes the men on the submarine and the events around them: I feel like I am right there living their lives, feeling the same, and I swear I can hear the waves, smell the surrounding sea water......
A true gem....
Into thin Air by John Krakauer, what can one say about this book other than that the author is on the very top of the ladder of literary works that he can be on. A master of describing the gut wrenching decisions of ill fated men and women who wanted to ascend Mount Everest and the sheer unbelievable physical injuries they endured as well as having to cope with the most mind breaking effects of high altitude and life and death situations puts this book into a category of its own. A must read.

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Post by remimarcelle »

To be honest, there are too many to say I have just one favourite author but I can certainly say who have made an impact on me...

I still feel their books in my bones

Philip Pullman
Malorie Blackman
Darren Shan
Tomi Adeyemi

I can't think of more off the top of my head to be honest, but wow, if it wasn;t for these books I'm not sure how I would have survived childhood haha, they fed what was already inside me.

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