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Re: Who's Your Favorite Author?

Post by Callie1662 »

:D Kat Brown. Her book 'Women are like cats and Men are like dogs - or are they?' is very inciteful into the relationships between men and women... truisms at their funniest :-)

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Lady Dona
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Post by Lady Dona »

I'm very fond of Daphne du Maurier. In my opinion, her writing is both simple and evocative. I appreciate that her books do not always (or even often!) have a happy ending; they are a little more true to life. Her stories also tend to contain an element of underlying tension: In Rebecca, the invisible presence of the first wife; in My Cousin Rachel, the uncomfortable question of whether Rachel is a killer or a gentle woman in need of protection; in The Scapegoat, the stress of watching a man try to live in his doppleganger's shoes; in The House on the Strand, the question of whether the protagonist is really time traveling or simply taking a hallucinogenic. Always a frightening undercurrent.

For non-fiction, I love Mary Roach. Some of my favorite poets are Boris Pasternak, Anna Akhmatova, Mary Oliver, and Anne Sexton. Recently read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and loved it!

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Post by Wangui07 »

My favourite authors are Sidney Sheldon and Nora Roberts. I just love their books.

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Post by starzandreams »

It's not easy to answer this question.. because it won't do justice to the authors whose names I've forgotten because of my weak memory :(

However, I think Kasie West is someone I love the most.

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Post by Mounce574 »

Since joining OBC, I have encountered so many great books that I have several authors I like. Denna Holm, Torey Hayden, and James Herriot are just a few off the top of my head.
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Post by Jake7410 »

Neal Shusterman. Definitely. I really wish more people talked about him, because there isn't a single thing he's made that isn't a masterpiece.

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Post by Adaya_shukla »

My favourite author for the present would be Anna Todd...the after series is the best book I have ever read...next would be jk Rowling..she has that potential to bring character into real life to a person only by reading and next would be Veronica Roth,cause the divergent series are literally a killer.

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Post by prachi29 »

My favourite author is Sarrah Dessen. Her books just connect. I just love her writing style.

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Post by Rave4 »

It would be impossible for me to pick just one, I might be considered oldskool but I really think Charles Dickens
and Chinua Achebe are probably the greatest writer ever and some of my all time favorite. I also love Louis L' Amour's work. Currently, Sophie Kinsella, Chimanmanda Adichie, Stuart Wood are authors I really love their work

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Post by kimoy13 »

My favorite author is Jane Austen. I can read her novels over and over and never get bored. The language she used was sheer genius and she reflected that period of time perfectly. She was also not afraid to bring to the fore, the many pressing issues at that time ,no matter how controversial they were.

Each of her characters were fully developed thereby allowing the reader to relate to their many whims and fancies.

I am an avid reader but sadly tend to find that movie adaptations are much more exciting than their books. This is certainly not the case with Jane Austen's novels!! The movies can never match up. This further strengthens my resolve that she is one of the best authors of all time. Her work still lives on today and her fan-base continues to grow! :) :)

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Post by SarahJean7 »

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really love Francine Rivers. She primarily writes Christian Fiction. Redeeming Love is an incredible book filled with how to show grace, love, and mercy. I haven’t read a book of hers yet that I was able to easily put down. Her “Mark of the Lion” series is also amazing. She does her research into whatever time period she is writing about and she nails it.

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aby johnson
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Post by aby johnson »

Dan Brown.

ps. also Khaled Hosseini

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Post by saracristina1998 »

Right now I don't have a favorite one, but I'm feeling very comfortable with classic books. It's actually odd for me not having a favorite author or at least a predict kind of writing to go for when it comes to books. So I must say my favorite writer right now is a group. There's Tolstoy, Flaubert, Austen some of Stephen King and why not, John Green.

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Post by MrsTurner2013 »

My favorite author has to be Mary Higgins Clark. She always intrigued my imagination and gave an escape when I needed it. As I read her works, I can tell she really cared about her readers. She seemed like an amazing person that one could easily connect with. Though today I am more into thought provoking books, it is always nice briefly crawl within her pages and enter a world of comfort and imagination.

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Post by emidio125 »

Ivan Turguenev

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