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Dani Elle Ele
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Review of Reluctant Client

Post by Dani Elle Ele »

[Following is an official review of "Reluctant Client" by L.B. Brookes.]
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Love is beyond the lustful desire for a partner's stereotype. In a relationship where love abounds, boundaries are crossed to stay together forever. In this book, Reluctant Client by L.B. Brookes, Will shows his undeniable love for Allison despite Allison's stubborn and guarded nature due to her family's tragic past traced to Buchanan's curse. Allison separated from Will with the instinct that he was cheating on her. Moreover, Will was just faking a relationship with Nancy. Nancy is disgusted by Will's relationship with Allison and threatens her life. What actions must Will take to stop Nancy from harming Allison?

Will runs Guardian Inc.'s company. Jeff, who is the closest of his workers to him, possessed special abilities of telekinesis, just like Will does. Though what is more special about Will is his ability to read minds, Allison holds a secret that she does not want anyone else, including Will, to get a hint of. Just in time, she finds a picture that is capable of exposing her secret, and she immediately takes a run for her and her family's safety. Will Will find out about her secret? What danger is she going to face now that she's away from Will, despite the threat already placed on her life? Read this book to learn more.

This book was no doubt a fantastic read for me. What I loved most about this book was the way the author was detailed in her explanations of scenes, outfits, and locales. I was able to feel the connection and humor in the book. Nevertheless, I found some flaws in this book. Some characters in this book were not well developed. Characters like Sharpe, Senator Buchanan, agent Rebecca Patterson, and her siblings didn't seem to play much of a role in the book. Also, the book didn't give much information on Peggy, who I believe deserves that much. This book is in a series, and I believe as the series progresses, their roles will come into play. However, I felt like they were not very necessary to the book's plot, especially when it had to do with agent Rebecca Patterson. I found two errors in this book, which shows that it was professionally edited.

I recommend this book to people who love books about romance with a spice of action. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars for its captivating storyline and well-detailed nature. The flaws I witnessed are not enough for me to deduct a star from this book.

Reluctant Client
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Ryan Chofwe
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Post by Ryan Chofwe »

I'm so interested in the book now
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Osvaldo Borghese
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Post by Osvaldo Borghese »

This romance talks about love and relationships but adds some mystery, making it more interesting. Thanks a lot for your review.
R Chinaza Onwuka
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Post by R Chinaza Onwuka »

I love a good enemies-to-lovers story, especially when one partner is reluctant for a reason. Thanks for mentioning the danger element - that adds a whole new layer of tension. Thanks for the wonderful review.
Sandre Lamar
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Post by Sandre Lamar »

It’s a beautiful love story. The author captures the emotions and conflict with such depth, making it a truly heartwarming and relatable read. If you’re a fan of love, and the ups and downs of relationships, this book is a great choice for you.
Amanda Kenneth
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Post by Amanda Kenneth »

In "Reluctant Client" by L.B. Brookes, Will's unwavering love for Allison is tested as he navigates her guarded nature and a threat from Nancy, who is disgusted by their relationship. Will must take decisive action to protect Allison and confront Nancy to prevent harm.
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Sean Patrick Tracy
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Post by Sean Patrick Tracy »

As a prospective reader, this review highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the book "Reluctant Client" by L.B. Brookes. The detailed explanations of scenes and the strong connection between characters, particularly Will and Allison, make it an enticing read. However, the review points out some flaws, such as underdeveloped characters like Sharpe, Senator Buchanan, and agent Rebecca Patterson, which could potentially affect the overall enjoyment of the story. Despite these flaws, the captivating storyline and well-detailed nature of the book, along with its mix of romance and action, make it a recommended read for those who enjoy such genres. Overall, the your positive rating of 5 out of 5 stars suggests that the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, making it a promising choice for readers interested in a compelling narrative.
Aremu Titilopemi Funmilayo
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Post by Aremu Titilopemi Funmilayo »

Haaaa! I don't like to be in a situation whereby my partner is doing somethings but it's actually fake just to get my attention. I find it very lame!,I wonder how this story ends, will pick it to read right away.
Mark Maxwell 2
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Post by Mark Maxwell 2 »

Delve into the complexities of love and loyalty in 'Reluctant Client' by L.B. Brookes, where Will's unwavering devotion to Allison is put to the ultimate test. As secrets unravel and danger looms, Will must navigate a perilous path to protect the woman he loves from a sinister threat.
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Olivier Muhammad
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Post by Olivier Muhammad »

Based on this detailed review, "Reluctant Client" seems to be a captivating book with a well-detailed storyline. The reviewer enjoyed the author's descriptions of scenes, outfits, and locales, which helped them feel connected to the story. However, they noted that some characters were not well-developed and felt unnecessary to the plot. Despite this, the reviewer didn't find these flaws significant enough to deduct a star from their 5-star rating. Overall, if you enjoy romance with a touch of action, this book appears to be a good read.
Christian Kay
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Post by Christian Kay »

just read this review and I'm hooked! The book 'Reluctant Client' by L.B. Brookes sounds like a thrilling romance with a twist. Will and Allison's love story is put to the test when Allison's past and a curse from her family's history threaten to tear them apart. Add in a jealous ex and a mind-reading hero, and you've got a recipe for a page-turner! I'm curious to see how Will will protect Allison from danger and uncover her secret. Great review, it's got me wanting more!"
Onwuesi Promise
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Post by Onwuesi Promise »

This is an interesting read that is full of love and romance. I don't like the character development. Some of the characters are not well developed. I will recommend this book to lovers of love and romance. It is such an interesting read.
Sunday N Florence
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Post by Sunday N Florence »

Will and Allison's relationship is tested by misunderstandings and external threats, with Will's telekinetic colleague Jeff providing support. Allison's guarded nature and the revelation of her secret add layers of suspense, as Will endeavors to shield her from harm while unraveling her hidden truths.
Elendu Divine treasure
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Post by Elendu Divine treasure »

I adore a compelling tale of adversaries turning into lovers, particularly when one partner is hesitant for a purpose. We are grateful that you brought up the risk factor, since it really heightens the suspense. I appreciate the fantastic evaluation that you provided.
Sinachi Azuka
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Post by Sinachi Azuka »

I haven't read this book but from this review, it is a romantic story and I am a fan of that. I also love mystery and suspense and would like to get a copy for full satisfaction.
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