The Movie vs. Book

Discuss the December 2013 book of the month, "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak
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Mrunal Tikekar
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Re: The Movie vs. Book

Post by Mrunal Tikekar »

The book is definitely better. I have not seen the entire movie but that is because I loved the book so much that I did not feel too kin on the movie.
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Post by Barbie_sidhu »

For me both. Book was amazing no doubt for that but the movie was up tonthe mark too.
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Post by angiedeeh1 »

I haven't seen the movie and just recently read the book for the first time. This was actually a book my son was assigned to read for school this past semester and I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I may have to watch the movie with him now though. Although movies never seem to tell the story quite as the author can tell it through the words on a page.
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Post by Edna016 »

Usually books are better than movies, at least in my opinion. It's just that books don't have a budget or really any limits, on the other hand movies do. I've never watched the movie but I've read the book. I don't really remember much details though but I know I liked it for the most part. I don't think the movie will live up to the book though but I don't know because I've never watched it.
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Ms Vinkel
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Post by Ms Vinkel »

I like the book more. There's Death's humor and I can see more of the relationship between each characters. And the writing's just really good for me.
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Post by naomilupton_98 »

I had read the book before learning there was a movie made about it. I loved the book, and I liked the movie. I liked the actors they chose for each character, I liked the sets they used, and I felt like they had stayed true to the essence of the book. However, the movie, in my opinion, did not do the character of Death any justice. I missed his quirkiness, sarcasm and care. I remember thinking that narrating a book from Death's point-of-view was weird, but the more I read the more I loved it. I would, to this day, recommend this book to literally anyone who likes reading!
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Post by Valkyrie9 »

I will always say book over movie, but this was one instance where the producers of the movie really did a good job. The movie had the same sort of feel to it as the book had. The actors were well chosen for the movie and they stuck to the story as closely as they could.
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Maddie Atkinson
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Post by Maddie Atkinson »

The book is far better than the movie in my opinion because it develops the character of Death more as the narrator. You don't get much of Death in the movie and I thought that he was a really important character as it was such a unique idea having him as the narrator and seeing such a dark time in history from his point of view.
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Rayah Raouf
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Post by Rayah Raouf »

I actually enjoyed both. They both made me cry so that sums it up :P
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Amna Khalid
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Post by Amna Khalid »

The Book Thief :cry:
Both, the book and the movie are beautiful. I read it first and then watched it. I'm gonna say, there was not a single moment where I regret picking up this book or investing my time watching it.I loved it. I would say the book was more detailed as compared to the movie. At the end, I wished movie was more lengthy.
I would suggest read the book and then watch the movie. Only if you want to watch it.
Amna Khalid
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Post by AlphariusRE »

It's books through and through for me. It's the source material, untouched and unadulterated, just in the way the creator of that work intended it to be.
Sweekriti Khanal
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Post by Sweekriti Khanal »

books are always better than the movies. movies are unable to show the whole lot of little moments mention in the books which eventually leads to losing the beauty of the book.books portrayed way more emotion into the character.
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Post by fire_spice »

The movie is much better. It captures everything perfectly. Especially the moment when Rudy died..papa and almost every one around liesel or the moment Max returned, a free man. The movie really loves you.
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