The Movie vs. Book

Discuss the December 2013 book of the month, "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak
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Re: The Movie vs. Book

Post by Serena_Charlotte »

I can't really say that the book is better or worse than the movie. Both the book and movie are very good. The movie included most of the elements of the book without making us watch the book.
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Post by sarah0688 »

Movies depict books way out of the books content, a book is a true engagement with the authors words.
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Post by baasil999 »

Yes , the movie was better than the book. Because, in the movie, you understand things better and clearer.
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Post by jcheiser »

I just started watching the movie so I can't say which I liked better just yet, but so far, the movie has aligned quite well with my expectations from having read the book. I typically enjoy book versions better than film versions and I find it very rare to enjoy a film as much as, or more than, the book, but I'm hoping this film will continue to meet my expectations and join the few books-turned-films that I actually enjoyed.
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Post by rosscurry »

The movie is cool I haven't read the book.
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Post by skizarefun09 »

I hadn't heard of the book when I saw the movie, and still haven't read it. My 14 yo sister raves about the book, as she read it in school. She claims that the book is "way better" than the movie, which is usually the case.

Did you know that in the book burning scene over 15k books were burned?!?! Crazy.

Anyway, the book was written by an Australian which is interesting to know. And apparently he rewrote it 200 times before selling it.

Hope to read it someday~

<3 V
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Post by SamanthaRose »

In my opinion, the book is always better than the movie. You can put a lot more detail into a book than you can capture in a movie and this one is no exception.
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Post by abithacker »

Honestly I thought both were very good. The book is written in such a unique way that it is definitely worth the read. The style of writing is so fluid and the way he writes sometimes to beautifully abstract that the book was immediately one of my favorite books. The movie itself is really well done and hits on most of the major parts of the book. I definitely think that to enjoy the movie to its fullest potential one should read the book.
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Post by shish_by_design »

The book and the movie were both excellent, but in different ways. I was terrified that they were going to massacre the book, but the moviemakers did a really amazing job

my thoughts exactly.this has always been my fear when going to watch a movie adapted from a book that i've read about and enjoyed
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Post by Yemurai »

I liked the book better, given that I read the book first, but I'm sure I would like the movie just as much if I had seen it first.

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It all depends on what you get first the book or the movie.
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Post by S_Mulla »

I loved the movie and have watched it many times. I enjoyed the young protagonists' point of view and learnt about the feelings associated with living is the time of the Nazi's rule. I cannot begin to image not being able read freely.
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Post by atonykamau »

I really prefer books to movies. Although movies give you a detailed description of how the story goes it is limited to the imagination of the director. In other words, the movie will be depicted according to the director's point of view. On the other hand, if you read a book you can interpret the book any way you want.
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Post by Shrabastee »

Most of the times I find books far better than the movie adaptations. So when I first read the book and then watch the movie, I am often disappointed. In the case of "The Book Thief", I watched the movie first and read the book after about three years. And I have never been able to decide which one I liked better. Both the book and the movie were beautiful. Both appealed to me strongly. Both made me dissolve into tears. All I can say is that the book was considerably slower than the movie, but that never diminished its significance to me one bit.
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Post by jvez »

If I really had to choose, I'd prefer the book over the movie. However, the movie was also very beautiful on it's own.
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Post by Laura Bach »

The movie lacked the deapth I saw in the book. I fell in love with the book immediately, while the movie confused me a little since it couldn't explain exactly what was happening.
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