Favorite character?

Discuss the December 2013 book of the month, "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak
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Favorite character?

Post by Gustavsson »

Does anyone have a favorite character in the Book Thief? I like Rudy the best myself, but I also loved Max.
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Post by melbuhtoast »

Gustavsson wrote:Does anyone have a favorite character in the Book Thief? I like Rudy the best myself, but I also loved Max.
Rudy was also my favorite character. He had just so much imagination and flair - the part where he's imagining he's running in the Olympics made me laugh out loud!
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Post by NothingOkGrey »

I loved Rudy and Max was interesting with his dream of fighting Hitler. But I also really liked the characterization of Death. He was just tired, cynical, and pretty funny at times too!
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Post by Scorsee »

I think Death was probably my favorite character. As NothingOkGrey said, he's just hilariously morbid. I like that you can see his thought process, his frustration, and even his empathy.
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Post by kalynn briles-moore »

I loved max b/c even with the war he still has hopeful dreams/imagintions
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Post by BookWorm07 »

Death was definitely my favourite character. As Scorsee said, he is hilariously morbid and I love the way he describes the sky and the surroundings. It was an interesting perspective.
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Post by MissJane »

My favorite character personally was Liesel; she was a smart, and very brave girl who valued knowledge very highly. My second favorite character (like many others, I believe) is Death. His narration added a much needed sense of humor to the whole novel; he was so cynical and funny! At times, it is easy to forget who exactly the narrator is and what he does.
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Post by avid reader28 »

Rudy was my favorite character, he was full of dreams, and sarcastic even in hard times :)
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Post by Amheiser »

I think my favorite character in The Book Thief is Liesel. She is a strong young girl who handled her situations with a lot of maturity. She was dependable and responsible and made the most of the situations she was in. I also liked the point of view of Death. Death had such a unique way of seeing things and describing them.
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Post by meganxxcooper »

I liked Papa. He seemed to really care about Liesel. I didn't like this book much other than him and Rudy. Rudy was so cute and funny.
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Post by hsimone »

After both reading and watching The Book Thief, I would say my favorite character is Liesel. I love how dependable, brave, and persistent she is. The students I work with enjoy reading, but they would not have gotten far if not for the assistance from all of their well-read teachers. However, to think of someone so young who continual has the desire to read with the help of her somewhat unread foster father is amazing to me.
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Post by wingpeople »

This thread is testimony to the power of this book. So many characters can vie for "favorite" that it's difficult to choose.

Before reading the comments, I thought I'd pick Max first, Liesl a very close second. But Death and Rudy both added so much to the mood, and Papa was drawn with such love.

Can I choose "all of the above"?
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Post by GandalfTheFey »

Chiming in for Death!

... out of context that seems morbid.
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Post by BookQuest »

meganxxcooper wrote:I liked Papa. He seemed to really care about Liesel. I didn't like this book much other than him and Rudy. Rudy was so cute and funny.
Papa was my favorite character. He had this calm and level-headed persona, and if I was around him, I would feel safe. I haven't read this book in years but it remains one of my favorite books and I hope to read it again soon.
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Post by Briht_In »

Rudy was also my favorite character because he was remarkable. :D
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