Favorite character?

Discuss the December 2013 book of the month, "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak
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Re: Favorite character?

Post by The Book Reviewer »

Papa and Liesel were my favourite characters. Papa for his unflinching kindness and love, and Liesel for her bravery and love of words.
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Post by Paliden »

Max. He was my favorite!! Then Rudy. Loved them both!
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Post by peprica21 »

I would have to chime in for Papa (Hans) as my favorite character as well. Such a strong example of a family man. I found his dedication and love for Liesel touching. I will also place a plug for Rosa (stepmother) as well. Girl knows how to run a household and she tried her best to stretch all the materials she was given to be able to provide for her family.
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Post by Malik_Diamond »

The Book Thief by far has to be my favorite book ever. Out of all its amazing characters I have to say that my favorite is Death. For one he is the one narrating the story and we get a good look at his view towards humanity. On top of it all Death is pretty bad ass, he is funny, yet very deep. You wouldn't think that Death itself was emotional, that he saw beyond what there was. He wasn't just picking up the bodies, he in a way connected to them, and out of all them he connected to her. A child..He saw her many times and until her death he knew her. I love Death everything about him is amazing. He is funny, witty, and well perfect.
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Post by hkachelmeier »

I absolutely adored this book. I have to say liesel is my favorite. Actually it is really hard to pick just one. Liesel was so forthright and had a hard time not saying what was on her mind. Mama was so tough but deep down I think she really was a softy and really did care about Liesel. Papa was such a wonderful man. He adored Liesel and was such a good person at a time when it was easy to not be "good". I could go on and on and on about all the characters. This was one of those books I picked up because I thought the title was interesting. When I read it, I didn't know anyone else who had read it and had no real idea about the author or the full book topic. I have a habit of going into books stores and randomly choosing books because the title is intriguing or the cover is or any other reason it grabs my eyes and this was one of those books for me. I would rate this a 4/4 and I've very happy to have read this book.
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Post by BookSavvy90 »

While I thought Rudy and Papa were amazing characters, my top three are definitely 1. Max, 2. Death, 3. Liesel. I loved Max because he was so selfless and sweet and I love that he wrote stories for Liesel and turned an otherwise negative book into a positive one that brings smiles to Liesel and the reader (not to mention Ben Schnetzer's portrayal of Max in the movie was absolutely breath-taking and beautiful I love it). I love Death because in this book it shows that Death has emotions and finds his job is very difficult to do at times, and honestly after reading this book I hope to god that when I die that this is what Death will be like this because that would make it so much better. I love Liesel because she has an interesting mind, and I admired the fact that she used books as a means to distract herself from the war, at least for the most part.
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Post by Raven Potter »

Rudy and Max are also my favorites. I like Max the best, though. I think it is amazing how, especially when he is in the death march, despite how much pain he is in both physically and emotionally, he still puts Leisel before himself. He is marching to his death and is not afraid of what might happen to him if he speaks out of turn, let alone tries to Beth the young girl to leave. That is true. Braveness. True selflessness. True LOVE. This book is an amazing write. :3
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Maya Hinojosa
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Post by Maya Hinojosa »

Death was definitely my favorite
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Post by abithacker »

Rudy. Absolutely Rudy. He was so sweet and kind to Liesel. Right at the beginning Rudy takes an interest in Liesel, helping her (or trying) to fit in at school, trying to give her a friend. I especially loved the scene were he paints himself as Jesse Owens. He has sweet innocence that allows him to wish to be a black man as a boy in Nazi Germany. I thought the last moments with Rudy were heartbreaking, especially how the movie portrays that scene.
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Post by ShelbyFOB »

Personally, my favorite character was Rudy. He was so clever and intelligent, but he was also kind and he truly loved Liesel.
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Post by Clifora »

Rudy was my favourite character. He was so amusing and he really made my day! I liked how humorous he was. Having Rudy in the book really helped make the book more funny.
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Post by Taylor Razzani »

I liked so many of the characters, I feel like you get to know them all so well throughout the book. If I'd have to pick a top three...probably Rudy, Max and Hans, not necessarily in that order, but I loved their outlooks on such a terrible situation.
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Post by fari30 »

Would Death itself count as a character? I got shivers as I read death's passages and its just so unique.
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Post by Ashley 1820 »

I would go for both rudy and liesel.jovial child rudy was!liesel was really a strong,mature girl.and she had an quest for knowledge. both of the characters truly attracted me.I even found mama with a caring and loving heart wrapped inside a hard shell. :)
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I absolutely love Rudy. He's so sweet and such a dreamer. His death made me cry
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