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Discuss the March 2014 book of the month Inferno by Dan Brown
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How do you rate Inferno?

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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of Inferno

Post by SharisseEM »

Love Dan Brown's works. Really gets my thoughts moving and my pulse racing (in a good way). A book that I can't put down and with great plot twists. Not usually my genre but that's how great it is. Glad to have spent money on it.
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Post by mmm123 »

You must read this book it is amazing.
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Post by aaa123 »

A fab lay out.
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Post by Noeld »

I've seen other books by Dan Brown but I've never read them. I can't wait too, though.
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Post by Kappy »

If you liked the plot of Inferno and love first-rate writing, consider reading The White Plague (1982) by the late, great Frank Herbert (author of Dune). In that book, after an IRA bomb kills the wife and children of a molecular biologist in 1996, he goes half-insane and thereafter creates a plague that kills women as his revenge. Herbert's novels were popular with readers and critics.
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Post by angelbeats1 »

I am just a few pages in and I can already tell that this book is a winner! I can't wait to see what the ending is!
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Sonador Snow
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Post by Sonador Snow »

I liked it. I think the overpopulation topic is extremely popular these days, and soon Inferno should be even more popular than all other Dan Brown novels. In all honesty the earlier ones I like more, but still I think this is a great novel!!!
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Post by scquarantillo »

OK beING an Angels and Demons fan I have to say I love the author! I thought Inferno was interesting and for the most part enjoyed it. I am used to his style of writing, so I knew what a crazy ride I was in for. I rated this book 3 stars out of 4.
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Post by Alexavier-Taiga »

This was the first Dan Brown book I've read, and I really enjoyed it. But I'm not sure if I enjoyed it enough to read more of his books, but I would defiantly recommend it!
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Post by debo9967 »

I was quite disappointed with the The Lost Symbol but Dan Brown made a good comeback with this one. It is extremely engaging like all his novels, but this one ends on a note and an issue we all need to seriously start thinking about. I loved the character sketch and of course, Mr. Langdon who also makes a comeback with this one. I could not put the book down, and the pace was amazing. A must read.
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Post by queenmab75 »

I think I'm in the minority when I say I'm over Dan Brown. I feel like he's at the point where he needs to prove to the world just how smart he is, and it's becoming overbearing. This book was filled with so much description of various places and people that it felt like a text book is some places. I didn't see the "twist" that comes about 3/4 of the way through the book, but I also didn't really care about it either. Not my favorite Dan Brown book.
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Post by Lovely_Loreley »

This is the only Dan Brown book I've read so far but it was absolutely captivating. It was suggested as a summer read by the honors program in my college the summer before I started school there. I liked it so much I handed it to my mom as soon as I finished and told her to read it too, so that I'd be able to discuss it with someone. The themes were interesting, to say the least, and I hope I can get around to his other books in the near future.
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Post by Cjgarland89 »

Dan Brown really did well on this book. Although I had no knowledge of the scenery from the book, as I was reading I felt as if I did. (After reading and doing some research on the locations I found I wasn't far off) I did expect some kind of plot twist, but Langdon is never a stale character and I think Brown does a wonderful job in keeping my attention throughout the book, it was one that I couldn't stop reading. Finding a stopping point was next to impossible. I look forward to his next book!
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Post by Misaela »

I've never read Dan Brown before, and a friend recommended this book to me. I was a bit skeptical about the author, seeing as many "famous" authors tend to be oversold by readers (for example, I haven't brought myself to finish Cien Años de Soledad [100 Years Of Solitude] since I started reading it back in January), but I was pleasantly surprised.

Recently, I have begun to delve in the world of suspense and crime novels, and this book certainly has what I was looking for!
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Post by Kayo Smada »

As a fan of Dan Brown, I really enjoyed this book. I'm also a fan of the character of Robert Langdon, and I'm glad he brought him back. It was an easy read and kept me turning pages, like all of his other books.
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