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Discuss the March 2014 book of the month Inferno by Dan Brown
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How do you rate Inferno?

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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of Inferno

Post by Cinnamon-Paige »

I enjoyed reading Inferno more than I enjoyed Angels and Demons. I loved the science aspect of it and it was also very thought provoking with regards to overpopulation...
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Lolita gaeva
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Post by Lolita gaeva »

Inferno by Dan Brown gives an appropriate solution to prevent global extinction. I mean releasing a virus that will neither kill anyone nor cause any harm and will just make 2/3 of the population infertile. The solution is brilliant but alas, the government of all nations will kill the scientist before he/she even thinks of inventing a real virus.
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Post by brunettebiblio »

Sorry but I thought this book was just horrible compared to his other ones (and not just the Robert Langdon books but also Digital Fortress and Deception Point). I'm really mad I wasted the money on it. It just dragged on, and was a little too far fetched for even me. And is it just me or has Robert shifted from a likeable history nerd with a penchant for heroism to a full of himself know it all?
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Post by S_Mulla »

I enjoyed Inferno as much as I enjoyed Dan Browns other novels. I enjoyed the plot twists and would recommend this book to others.
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Post by mamalui »

Seen the movie but haven't read the book. I'm looking forward to reading the book too.
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Post by atonykamau »

I loved this book the story was both captivating and intense and I recommend it to all readers.
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Post by conundrum_conundrum »

Scott wrote: 03 Mar 2014, 18:03 What is your overall opinion of the March 2014 book of the month, Inferno by Dan Brown? Would you recommend others read it? Why or why not?
As we all know, Inferno of Dan Brown can be categorized as a commercial fiction. It's written as thriller, and should be read as thriller. What makes it good to read is that it makes the reader think of the happening in the story. What will happen next? Who's the real villain. What makes it bad to read is that it does not have literary merit at all. That's just how commercial fiction works. For Dan Brown, he has an eclectic taste of ideas. Millions of people would love his story as much as millions of people would hate his literary skills.
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Post by Shrabastee »

Inferno is a bit different from the other books by Dan Brown because it deals with a very serious issue in today's world - population explosion. The logic the antagonists pose to us can not just be ignored. Since I read all Dan Brown books in a row, at the point when I reached Inferno I felt a little saturated. While I could not take in all the little details of the adventurous journey Langdon took, the revelations about Dante's "Inferno" were very enlightening. Also, the book had me confused about the roles various parties played. I could not discern who the 'bad guy' was. This helped to add to the thrill. The last twist had me completely dumbfounded! Like his other books, in this case also I could not help feeling sympathetic towards the antagonist party.
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Post by Ashishvats056 »

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis ." This book is one of the best novels by Dan Brown. It is a perfect mixture of crime, mystery and thrill.
Dan Brown has put up a really good question for everyone, would you kill half a population today, in order to save our species from extinction. It deals with one of biggest issue of the time, population explosion. Overall it is really a book worthy being book of the month, and even book of the year.
I most certainly will recommend this book to everyone, because it is a great read for any book enthusiast.
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Post by Suryah12 »

I found Inferno a mix of classic Dan Brown convoluted, sub plots with the background of Dante's masterwork. I :techie-studyingbrown: thoroughly enjoyed- even read it a second time to see if I missed anything- I did! This makes Inferno one of Dan Brown's best.
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Post by kelvinmwaniki17 »

What I really loved about this book was the science aspect of it and how it made you think deeper about the theme and context of the book.
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Post by Emeraldyn_9 »

Dan Brown is one of my favorite author and he never disappoints. His writing style along with the plot keeps you gripped all through out the book. The thriller keeps you hooked onto it and hence I was unable to put this book down. This book explores the harsh reality of global population that's increasing each passing day. The way the author describes the possibility of a virus that could aid in controlling our population, is way beyond fantastic. The characters seem so real and carry themselves in a timely manner. Each of his book is so unique that I hope he never stops writing.
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Post by Sen_Suzumiya »

I think "Inferno" was Dan Brown's best book. I've read "Da Vinci Code" and "Illuminati" but "Inferno's" idea and plot was amazing. Still, the way Brown writes sometimes tires me because he loves detailed descriptions. Thus I rated this book 3 out of 4 stars due to the fact that some people might find it tiring.
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Post by angiejack456 »

I have read most Dan Brown's book and loved them but this one was a huge disappointment. Poor writing, unbelievable plot. Ugghh.. so bad that I even refused to see the movie.
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Post by Christinabooklover »

I would recommend to it any lover of thriller books. It was suspenseful and enticing. As with any other Dan Brown's book I had open my tablet to check the many real places and monuments he describes in the book.
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