Do you write what you want or what others want?

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Re: Do you write what you want or what others want?

Post by Amandajk »

I write what comes to me mostly, but I have three kids who put in requests for stories. One of their ideas has morphed into a MG book I'm working on.
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Post by revna01 »

The best writing I do caters to what comes naturally to me. It's also important to consider your intended audience and make adjustments accordingly. For example, if you write YA fiction but also tend to have a sailor's mouth in real life, you would have to alter your language for your audience :)
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Vivianne Nat
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Post by Vivianne Nat »

I write my thoughts and the things i want to convey to the world because i want people to get something out of my writings. I want them to learn. And I want my writings to make a difference. But i guess you always have to consider the thoughts of your readers. What things do they want to read about, and know about. That way, your writings will make more sense to them.

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Morgan Jones
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Post by Morgan Jones »

A mixture of both to be honest. By writing only what people want you're bringing yourself back since you have to enjoy the storyline in order to complete it. So, I tend to find a common ground by finding a plot that both me and others can enjoy.
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Sushan Ekanayake
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Post by Sushan Ekanayake »

For commercial purposes, one should definitely write what others like. But I am a free writer so, I write what I like. If others like that, I accept it as being granted :tiphat:
We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

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Post by Somniate »

ashes wrote: 22 Apr 2015, 15:33 Hey! The title of this topic says it all really. I'd just like to know if anyone here writes about things that they want to write about, or things that they think people will like.

I normally write things I like writing, and if online communities like it then that's fantastic but if not then that's okay too, because I know I'd rather write things that I like writing rather than something I don't.
It's easier for me to write what I like. Right now I have something I've been working on for a long time, and it started as a kind of self indulgent way to get an idea out of my head. Then I showed it to some friends of mine, and they liked it too.

I think that if the author enjoys what they're writing, the reader is going to enjoy reading it.
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Post by palilogy »

I write what I want - unless I'm reviewing books and have to go by their guidelines.
I always feel a little sad inside having to censor myself, but I guess that's life. I tend to be nicer too- reminds me of my MFA days. One of my classmates would submit a workshop piece and we would give written feedback, but our professor had guideline. You couldn't say it was awful it was "suggestions for improvement". Sigh. I would be a much better writer myself if people were honest in their feedback without guidelines. I know that's just me though- it's like the phrase hike your own hike. Everyone is different.
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Post by Monet_va »

It's so important to write what you love, and not what anyone else wants. If you keep writing to please other people then you're going to stop loving writing.
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Post by clint_csperry-org »

May be that the reason I have difficulty finding a market for my short stories is I write what I want. That is where I derive pleasure in creation of a story. May be that is the wrong path if I want to be a famous - well known - wealthy writer. But it is my path. Oh, well. It still gives me pleasure.
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human reader
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Post by human reader »

It's about finding that balance. Or writing what you want in a way that will appeal to others. That could mean upping the romance or action... or creating a greater sense of mystery or suspense in the story. The thing I'm working on now is centered around suspense. One of the characters is a wild card and you don't know what to expect of them, what they might do, or how others will react.
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Post by Moddesser Elahi »

Now I think that I should also write in a manner that would be natural to me.
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