Willing to start writing for girls

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Eustacia Tan
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Re: Willing to start writing for girls

Post by Eustacia Tan »

I'm extremely curious.

Is this going to be a novel, or a non-fiction advocacy book?

Are you writing for girls as an audience, or for girls as in to advocate for them?

Any way it turns out, I'm sure it's interesting, especially since you're writing from a place of passion.
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Post by Mailis »

I think to help the society to learn, the stories could be aimed at both, men and women, boys and girls.
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Post by rumik »

Good luck with your ambitious goal. I hope you can change the lives of many women.
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Post by Inkroverts »

Towhid0001 wrote: 17 Aug 2013, 12:22 Hi, I am a social worker. Work for the rights of women. We have a community who raise voice against depression of women and let them be punished.
That's great! It takes a lot of effort to write a book, so good luck from me to you!
One question though, what do you mean by "let them by punished"?
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Post by Bigwig1973 »

I figured that this post did not mean that one was willing to trade females for written works. Will work for food. Or, plagiarism. So, did anything ever come of this?
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Post by emidio125 »

They're as human as men are. I think it's a good idea to fight for them as well.
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Post by Rabiul_tanmoy250 »

A time-worthy decision taken. It's really necessary for everyone to raise their voice against the bad situations of any woman. People need to understand that women also have the same rights as men.
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Mikail Light
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Post by Mikail Light »

Good luck to you, sounds like there could be a LOT of ideas pouring out of you for this topic. Very interesting indeed.I think the key to writing for young readers is to be encouraging.
The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.~ Socrates :techie-studyingbrown:
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