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Discuss the April 2014 book of the month, The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.

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Little House
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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of The Bone Season

Post by Little House »

I didn't enjoy this book very much, even more than half-way through the book, I didn't feel like I knew what was going on. Once I finally figured it out, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for something a bit less predictable. Overall, I gave the book 2 out of 4 stars because it seemed to drag through most of the book.
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Colette Marie
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Post by Colette Marie »

I have just began reading the book and I find it fairly interesting. However, the first few chapters dumped a little more information on me than I would have liked it to. But overall, this book is quite interesting.
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Post by sarah-k »

I thought it was pretty good. My friend thought way more highly than me though.
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Post by Sarah1 »

I loved the book. Vocabulary was a bit tough but after awhile I got used to it.
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Post by Ck1219 »

I was very impressed with this book. I borrowed it from my online library having no idea what it was about. I was thrown by the terminology and honestly, what the heck was going on at first but then it sucked me in. I really enjoyed it. The main character was so ballsy and infuriating. But at the same time her character and personality were developed in such a way that I couldn't say, " oh now why would she do that? Come on Shannon!" I hate when authors do that. It shows poor character development. I'm not saying the reader should know what is going to happen but I hate when characters do something they'd never do just so the author can wrap the book up. (Last book of the hunger game trilogy) It was almost as if the author wrote down what happened instead of making it up in her head. It wasn't Shannon's fault that Paige didn't kiss the boy till the end. It was Paige's fault. Because Paige couldn't fully trust him; not until the end. She tough and smart and like I said, ballsy. You go 40! And you go Shannon!
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Post by jrankin0607 »

When I started The Bone Season I was thrown off by some of it I dont know but I guess I had other expectations of the storyline but I didn't realize it was going to be a series like some of you. So the ending so such a shock that I sat there in bed thinking wait what just happened and wheres the rest! haha. But I actually harassed my best friend until she read it too. So i would most definitely recommend this book to someone who likes paranormal. Not for everyone tho, I did read this within 2-3 days because I had to push thru the beginning but once I started to grasp the storyline I was hooked. I liked that story structure and the world that she created was a new one to me. I'd rate this 3 out of 4. And cant wait to find out what happens in the next book!
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Post by AnaF »

I've been kind of curious about this book but I'm also afraid of not liking it and think reading was a waste of my time :s sometimes these over hyped end up being like that, at least for me.
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Post by GKCfan »

I read that this was inspired in part by the Salem Witch Trials, but I have a friend who studies that period of history, and she's critical about how they've been portrayed in the popular media. Judging by the plot, I'm not sure how much historical fact found its way into the book, although there's plenty of fantasy....
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Post by zoe2328 »

I quiet enjoyed the story line to the book, and believe that it could become quiet a good series. The story was captivating, with a lot of detail into the small things, allowing the reader to become involved with the characters. For the audience it was aimed at, YA readers, I think it had all the right plot lines- intrigue, mystery, fantasy, dealing with the unknown and not fitting in, and of course the romance. I quiet liked the actually story of the book, which I found was different to the usual fantasy YA books- not one vampire in sight :P ; and slight twists on the usual fantasy genre story lines. The book came off as a fairly original idea and design which I loved. Many original characters, which at the time could make it hard to keep the story line together, but that often happens with the first book to a series when all the ground work needs to be laid. Though the first book that she has published (that I am aware of), and at some points during the book where the plot line thinned a little it was easy to realize that this was her first book, I believe that it has set up a solid ground for the sequel to come out, as well as ground work for more than one more book.
And the end left me wanting to see what the next book will hold, so I guess it has made its point, getting me to buy the next one to see where the story leads.
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Post by raindropwriter »

Mixed opinions. I guess I will give it a miss.
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Post by DickDatchery »

The premise of this book sounds intriguing and it got a lot of 3 and 4 star ratings here. I may have to pick up a copy. I love how I can go through the old book of the month selections and look for works that people on this site liked and that fit my interests.
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Post by allesha »

I've never heard of this book before, but it sounds good! Happy I found this site for all the reviews and recommendations :)
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Bookish Ian
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Post by Bookish Ian »

I've been hearing about this book all over, until I finally knuckled down and brought a copy the other day. I'm always a little skeptical when the booksellers market something as 'the next Harry Potter' but I was impressed by the first few pages. Also: I'm a sucker for family trees, organisation-lists and diagrams at the start of a book - you know you're in for a detailed setting!
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Post by ipekbunsal »

It sounds like an interesting book actually. I should consider reading this one too.
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Post by RebekaV »

I think I you guys just made me want to read this book!
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