Overall Rating and Opinion of "The Snow Child"

Discuss the January 2015 book of the month. The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey.

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Taylor Razzani
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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of "The Snow Child"

Post by Taylor Razzani »

krood10 wrote:I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is feeling series burn out or who wants something different than the popular books at the moment. It was sweet, simple, poignant, and beautiful. "The Snow Child" is unpredictable and will leave the reader thinking long after the book has finished. It is not, however, heavy and overly philosophical making it a lighter read than most thought provoking books. The book is great for a change of pace.
I was trying to think of how I really felt about this book and this pretty much sums it up! I did really enjoy this book for its simplicity and how it was written. Many of the events weren't anything spectacular but you felt compelled to keep reading into the characters and their lives.
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Post by MikaylaSanchez »

This book was beautiful. My stepmom gave me the book to read and I put it off for so long as it just didn't seem like my kind of book. As soon as I started, I couldn't stop. Now I am suggesting this book to everyone. It was so beautiful and almost suspenseful in a way. The beautiful mystery has left a imprint on my soul.
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Naval Aulakh
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Post by Naval Aulakh »

I have heard a lot about this book. I have read the reviews and the book seems to be catchy. I am going to read it soon.
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Post by atonykamau »

I haven't read the book but I am looking forward to reading it.
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Post by BookHappy »

A friend passed this ebook along to me without much comment. After I read it, we discussed it at length. The earlier comments written here about it staying with you without a heavy philosophical (or mystical) bent, and keeping you turning pages as the characters and story unfold is so true. A book for all ages.
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Post by kelvinmwaniki17 »

I haven't really read the book but from the review, it sounds like a good book to read.
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Post by Noosh »

This is the review I wrote on Goodreads:
"“We never know what is going to happen, do we? Life is always throwing us this way and that. That’s where the adventure is. Not knowing where you’ll end up or how you’ll fare. It’s all a mystery, and when we say any different, we’re just lying to ourselves. Tell me, when have you felt most alive?”
Eowyn Ivy

While the title of the book is interesting, it is the epigraph that makes you dive into the pages and read on looking for the story... because when you find it you go "it couldn't be, could it?". Snegurochka (Russian) means The Snow Maiden. It's a very sad fairy tale that Eowyn Ivy makes use of in telling her story. Like any other fairytale, an old couple who are longing to have a child while still mourning the loss of their infant child, go out on a snowy night and make a snowman, or in this case, a snow child. The day after, the snowy creature is gone but a little girl is running around their cabin and in the forest. It's the story of the couple, the snow child, and their life.
The Snow Child, Ivy's debut novel, is set in the 1920s Alaska. Like every other book set in the beautiful mesmerizing wilderness of Alaska, I could hear the silence of that land through the pages, I could sense the magic too. A very special kind of silence that you wouldn't dare disturb even from a million miles away. Amazing.
The story while sad was magnificent and educational. Educational both in the sense that how life is in Alaska and how best it is to live your life in general. The characters were a bit complicated. At first, I didn't know what to think of them; a very melancholic married couple who barely talked to each other, and their neighbors who were the exact opposite, loud and happy. But as the story develops you learn that there is more to the couple; Jack and Mabel. You learn to love them with all your heart. Their pain becomes your pain. Their happiness brings a smile to your face. They're likable, good people with flaws, which makes them look and feel real.
If you're as into Alaska as I am, love fairytales, and still believe in magic, then go for this book.
And unbelievably, that's it. Some books just render you wordless. You have to read it in order to understand the feelings."

I do suggest the book to everyone who loves fiction. I'm serious, this book is that good.
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Post by Nimisha_91 »

I read this book such a long time ago..I remember going into it expecting it to be a regular fairy tale. But boy was I wrong.
Maris Charles M
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Post by Maris Charles M »

Personally, out some other factors I rate books based on the vibe I get while reading. This magical fairy tale was quite engaging. The author clearly displayed talent drying to describe the few themes featured in this book.
Agbata Precious 1
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Post by Agbata Precious 1 »

Well, in rated this book 3 out of 4 stars because If bad ending and sone errors. It was still good sha.
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Princewill Uchenna
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Post by Princewill Uchenna »

I rate books based on how they make me FEEL. This book did a good job. I felt cold - I'm from MN. I was very cold there. Alaska sounds worse. I'm a parent, and I felt the pain of her loss, longing, and fear of losing
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