Thank you to gali and Gravy!

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Thank you to gali and Gravy!

Post by Scott »

With the increase in workload to moderate the forums and provide fast customer service to the thousands of new members joining the website every day, it is time to make some changes to the way the forums are moderated and maintained. While in some cases this means creating new positions and hiring new people, in other cases it means saying goodbye to others. This week both gali and Gravy have decided to resign from their positions administrating and moderating the community here at

Of the over 3 million members we have today, gali was one of the first 50,000 to join the website. She joined in 2013, nearly 10 years ago. At that time, I had two different 'day jobs', so to speak, bartending in two different restaurants to make a living, while running OnlineBookClub for no pay on the side. Gali provided indescribable help in countless ways over the years in various changing roles that evolved over time as OnlineBookClub evolved and grew over the years. OnlineBookClub would not be what it is today with gali.

Gravy joined the website in August 2014, and was one of the first 100,000 to join this website. August 2014 was just a few months before I finally give up my day jobs and went full time at OnlineBookClub. During the latter part of Gravy's first year here, I was working 80 hours a week at OnlineBookClub, sometimes pulling all nighters, and still just barely making ends meet. There was a time during 2015 I remember going down with my two little kids to the Coinstar machine at the bank to turn in my spare change to put together the last few dollars of rent on the due date because that was literally the difference between paying my rent on time that month or not.

Most startups fail . Quickly. There was many times it looked like that was where we were headed. It is not a figure of speech when I say that without gali and Gravy OnlineBookClub probably wouldn't even exist today--and I might be homeless.

I want to both personally and professionally express my deep gratitude to both gali and Gravy for everything they have done. I look forward to getting to enjoy your participation in this community as valued members who themselves get to enjoy the funner more relaxed side of things, rather than perhaps having to see OnlineBookClub as work or a job. You both deserve all the best of everything. I want you to enjoy and see the best side of this community that you helped build.

I ask everyone in this huge friendly wonderful community to please take a moment to join me in giving a huge loud thank you to @gali and @Gravy for all the help they have provided over the years, including but not limited to moderating and administrating the forums and community.

Thank you, gali! :tiphat:

Thank you, Gravy! :tiphat:
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Post by Melissa Jane »

Every time I had a question or a suggestion, I was always sure @gali would be there to help. The prompt response was her trademark. I'm proud of both @gali and @Gravy for their hard work. I wish them all the best.
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Post by jeminah28 »

:tiphat: Thank you very much gali and gravy. I will miss you in moderating this site. Both your efforts are very helpful.
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Post by Debra Morgan »

Thank you for being kind, helpful and patient with us all! Enjoy your respite from the pressure of moderating.
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Post by bookowlie »

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Gali and Gravy for all of your hard work, expertise, and advice. When I first joined, you made this site a fun, welcoming place to hang out. You are appreciated more than words can say.
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Post by Mindful Wordsmith »

Thank you to both @gali and @Gravy :tiphat:

Both of you have been very helpful. You guys have always resolved all my issues and queries promptly. You have always been very supportive of all members here, and you inspire us to do better everyday.

I wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.
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Post by gali »

Thank you, Scott! Thank you, guys. I appreciate your words. :tiphat:

I love OBC! I enjoyed working with you and helping out.

It is time now to enjoy the site and all it had to offer without the pressure of moderating. :)
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Post by Lydia Efobi 1 »

Gali has always responded to me and helped me out with every challenge. She has calmly provided solutions whenever I was stuck. I appreciate you Gali. Thank you, Gali for always being here. Thank you, Gravy.
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Post by Stephanie_Chapman »

I will miss @Gali and @Gravy. They both have been instrumental in my personal development in Onlinebookclub as a reviewer. Whenever I have had a question in private message,@ Gali would explain what to do without being judgmental. @Gravy always seems to know how to solve the riddles I place in the What Am I forum, as well as giving insightful advice in the support group. I will miss you both.
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Post by tarafarah7 »

I've been an OBC member since 2016, so having the two of you here is all I've ever known. 😊 Thank you so much for all your kindness, help, support, and patience over the years; you will be greatly missed. In addition, please know that you are loved and appreciated MORE THAN YOU KNOW!! I'm excited that you will now be able to enjoy all of what you helped build. 😁💗
Thank you @gali 💯
Thank you @Gravy 💯
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

I am definitely going to miss both of you @gali @Gravy. Both of you helped me more than you probably realize. I wish you both the very best in your future endeavors. However, I am secretly wishing that you will both change your minds.
Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Post by MsH2k »

gali wrote: 24 Jun 2022, 13:10 It is time now to enjoy the site and all it had to offer without the pressure of moderating.   :)
It certainly is!! I honestly don't know how you have herded us cats :cat: for so long. I look forward to seeing you around OBC without bringing you a problem to solve. Thank you for your dedication.

Thank you also, @Gravy, for making OBC a better place.
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Post by Kajori Sheryl Paul »

A heartfelt thank you to both @gali and @Gravy. You both are the best.

I am ever grateful to gali for always helping me whenever I had any queries, whether big or small.

Thank you Gravy for everything that you do for us at OBC as well.

Will miss you guys so much. Wish you all the best and hope to see you around.
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Post by jemimapaul »

Thank you gali and Gravy for all the help you provided to Scott over the years. Nice to know that without you guys Online Book club would not even exist today.
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Post by Ordan Brouwn »

Thank you gali and Gravy. I wish you well in all your future endeavors. You have clearly helped maintain the level of excellence I have been receiving in my weeks' journey here.
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