Featured Review: The Message? by Avam Hale

Discuss the June 2015 book of the month, "The Message?" by Avam Hale.
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Re: Featured Review: The Message? by Avam Hale

Post by VernaVi »

Although the cover was a little on the weird side for me, I think the premise was interesting. I can imagine trying to write about everyone setting aside material things being difficult! Thanks for the detailed review!
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Post by T_stone »

The cover intrigued me. I didn't think the eye fit the narrative until I started reading. It fits. The eye is complex and so is the subject of this book. Dr. Marcus, the attending physician, is the perfect blend of science and religion in a person.
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Post by Gishala1 »

This was an interesting review for an interesting Kindle sample. I was "worried" that it might be too heavy to read (which is why I tend to avoid books that focus too heavily on religion) but this review gives me some comfort that the book is not so. Looking forward to the rest.
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Post by Belle_fleur »

This is a very beautiful review, Thanks for that. It makes me just want to abandon everything I'm doing to start the book even though the story is somewhat related to some stories people give Us in our country so I am sure I would understand the book if I were to read it. Thanks once again and thanks to the author as well.
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Post by ernest mwangemi »

I see that our God is always there to help us out, we are not alone.
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Post by Moddesser Elahi »

This seems to be a book which is mainly intended to convey the message of God about unconditional through a person who has nearly escaped death. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Gracedscribe »

Lovely review!! I think you captured the essence of the book beautifully. I'm definitely intrigued enough to read, though this story line was not quite what I expected when I saw the book cover :eusa-think:
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Post by supernatural143 »

A widow who claims to hear God while in a comma? Interesting! I find "The Message?" by Avam Hale thought-provoking. I will read to know the details.

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Post by Ekta Kumari »

Amazing review. The idea of God's message of love getting mixed up with religious, political, and economic issues is quite intriguing. I wonder what consequences may come for the protagonist in her propagation of God's message. It's nice that the book is well researched, too. Thanks for the review.
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Post by maurice6798 »

Thanks for the insightful review. I won't expect a 'light read" but I will be glad to indulge in religious, political, economic, and philosophical ideas. It's definitely worthwhile.
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Post by mrnobody3 »

Your review makes the book sounds wonderful. My initial thought this book looks mediocre when I see the eye cover but when I read the full review I can feel that the book has interesting plot and characters. Congratulations!
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Post by Burnaard+42 »

The idea of the spirit or should i say the soul being active elsewhere when the body is in a coma gives a real thrill of reality. I concur with your review when you call it a 'light read'but the thrill is by no means light.
The 'eye'on the cover,i must say,caught me to the book and prompted me to read. What a read,what a book!!
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Post by Wamakima »

I have read the sample and the book is definitely good. However at the beginning the characters become too many and they appear at different parts of the plot making it difficult to maintain one string of thought while reading. I wish they had appeared later on in the book.
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I love to read thrillers. The review is really good. I am looking forward to read it.
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Post by Jachike Samuelson »

I love books that make me really think! Great review!
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