When you first read the title"the wicked wives"

Discuss the July 2015 book of the month, The Wicked Wives: A Novel Based on a True Story by Gus Pelagatti.
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Fotso Samuel
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When you first read the title"the wicked wives"

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what general idea did it bring to you about the book?
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Nadeem Alberto
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fantastic wife
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Secret coven of witches consisting of married women?
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A group of mischevious wives who are up to no good.
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A group of malicious women to be feared.
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Cash-Centered Creep
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Fotso Samuel wrote: 16 Jul 2017, 00:22 what general idea did it bring to you about the book?
I thought it may have been a chronicle of an unlucky man who consistently chose Mrs. Wrong. The plural 'wives' suggested serial unhappiness.
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Wives who rule their husbands, rule the entire house are wicked wives in my opinion.
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Considering that I love crime books and crime shows, including a show called Deadly Women, my first thought when I read the title was that it would be about murderous wives.
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Something involving witches and women, possibly with a generous helping of misogyny :P
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Amy Fauver
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Women who may be considered evil.
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Atuap Maru
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Cruel women who used husbands for self gain and self centered, with no consideration for what negative impact their actions have on their husbands.
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I first thought of women who generally do not adhere to social rules and norms.
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I took it quite literally, a book about wicked wives.
Amanda Pearcy
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The first thing I thought of was the show "Desperate Housewives" and then the movie "Stepford Wives". I also started thinking about witches and the paranormal.
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