MOTM December 2022: kipper_

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Melissa Jane
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MOTM December 2022: kipper_

Post by Melissa Jane »

This month's Member of the Month award goes to kipper_. Having joined on July 28, 2022, kipper_ has been a member of the OnlineBookClub for over five months. kipper_ stands out, especially on the Review Team Support Forum, Public Suggestions Box Forum, and International Grammar Forum by being helpful to other members.

Please Join me in congratulating kipper_ for becoming this month's Member of the Month!

Congratulations @kipper_ :congratualtions-smiley: :good-luck-smiley:
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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina »

:congratualtions-smiley: Hi, kipper! Enjoy your month! Congratulations! 💐 🍾 👏
Telwandle Ndwandwe
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Post by Telwandle Ndwandwe »

Congratulations kipper_!. You are a motivation to me because I also became a member in July 2022.
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Post by ButterscotchCherrie »

Congratulations, kipper_! We highly value your contributions to the site and hope you will stay with us to make many more.
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You read the whole book carefully? I must be required to coco.
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diana lowery
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Post by diana lowery »

Congratulations Kipper, I always enjoy your posts.
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Leslie Kunde
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Post by Leslie Kunde »

Great job! Congratulations on MOTM. Thank you for helping in the grammar section. :lire4: :banana-blonde:
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Post by Stephanie_Chapman »

!Thank you for being a contributing member of OBC. Congrats on being a member of the month in only 5 months! That is amazing!
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Brenda Creech
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Post by Brenda Creech »

Congratulations @kipper! :tiphat: :clap: :dance: :happy-cheerleadersmileyguy:
B. Creech
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Post by Crs_webco »

Congratulations MOTM! I just joined in mid-November. You have given me inspiration to keep doing.
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Bertha Jackson
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

Congratulations @kipper, and thank you for a job well done.
Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Post by UcheNduka »

Congratulations @kipper for achieving this milestone. You are a huge source of inspiration. Thanks for being amazing.
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Hubre De Klerk
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Post by Hubre De Klerk »

Super congratulations Skipper! Thanks for being so supportive.
Lisa Park17
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Post by Lisa Park17 »

Hi, Kipper! Accept my heart felt congratulations on being the Member of The Month. It is always nice seeing the steady and sincere efforts of hardworking persons getting rewarded. You deserve it! Well done Kipper!
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Post by Stasiak »

Congratulations!! I am looking forward to reading your posts! Keep up the interesting views!!
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Julie Gebrosky
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Post by Julie Gebrosky »

Congratulations, Kipper! :tiphat: It's nice to know that even fairly new members can make a big impact in the way you have!
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