Official Interview: Mitzi Perdue (Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless)

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Udochukwu Duroha
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Re: Official Interview: Mitzi Perdue (Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless)

Post by Udochukwu Duroha »

It's very important cause it's teachs a lot
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Nicholet Haumann
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Post by Nicholet Haumann »

I loved reading this book. Mark is an incredible person. He is a true inspiration. He motivated me to try and make my dreams come true and to also become successful.
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Mathapelo Senye
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Post by Mathapelo Senye »

Inspiration is one of the greatest gifts one person can give another: inspiration can uplift the discouraged and encourage others to think bigger than they ever thought before. Very powerful words from the author it encourages me to never give up in life and when life pulls me down have the courage to get up....
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Post by MissX »

I really enjoyed the book. It made me look at my failures differently, I've seen that they can become motivation instead instead of constant reminders to self destruct .I now recommend friends to also go and check it out because it's definitely a game changer.
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Mamadou Diallo
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Post by Mamadou Diallo »

J'ai beaucoup aimé le livre mais je trouve que l'auteur parle plus de lui qu'aux autres
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Dory Honey
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Post by Dory Honey »

Can I review
Talata Claudio R
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Post by Talata Claudio R »

I love reading this book
Rebecca Review
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Post by Rebecca Review »

I enjoyed reading the book. I appreciate the end of chapter lessons, they inspired me enough to highlight them and commit myself to performing them.
Phancy Agengo
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Post by Phancy Agengo »

I will definitely add this to my library. Tea.
Melvin Khakabo
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Post by Melvin Khakabo »

Your book was inspiring to read. I loved it.
Margi zuu202
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

A mind and body inspirational biographer of one of the world greatest entrepreneur the founder of chicken soup for souls franchise I like it how he never gave up no matter what ,he never stopped trying he had faures but they only made his success much more sweeter when he refused to give up he speak about those who inspired hima long the way and those who made a true difference in his life he captured a meticulous writer true story the book is rich in inspiration and I will highly recommend it to any entrepreneur who thinks of giving up
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Valeria Rotaru
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Post by Valeria Rotaru »

Sounds like a real cool book. I remember that I was put in the author's situation too when I was a kid. I adored to write, and so I tried to make up the wildest stories. My teacher would read what I wrote to the whole class and everybody loved it. It sounds like this book would share part of my experience growing up.
Oleksandra Tsatsenkina
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Post by Oleksandra Tsatsenkina »

Wow, being able to pursue her childhood dream in a creative field, good for her :) but having the grind to practice every day is nevertheless impressive.

PS In later books Pratchett’s Patrician has a "lady friend", lol
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Post by Sahrinakhan2022 »

I started reading a book when I was 7 year old. I love to read and write whenever I write a book I went in the deep imagination world And I can't get out of the imagination world until my mom shake me a little and said ' what are you doing get up and do your homework " This is my life . I read Almost 50 pages a day of any book that I am currently reading . I was an extrovert but my friends don't like me the most so I decided to be an introvert but it's not easy to be it's very hard but I manage and now I am an introvert and now books are my best friends . They didn't complain about anything they just say different stories and that I like the most so this is my journey from and extrovert to introvert and from a friends lovers to books lovers thanks.......
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Post by Dauchoz1 »

Sounds great
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