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Official Interview: Beatriz M. Robles

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Today's Chat with Sarah features Beatriz M. Robles author of Artwords, an upcoming book of the month.

Official Review

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1. Who's been the biggest influence on you?

Rene Robles, my father and the Father of Assertionism- "Art that has power asserts, transforms, and transcends." He was a nominee for National Artist here in the Philippines before he passed in September 2021. He gave me the courage to boldly launch my own Assertionism endeavor Assert-Ur-Ism based on the principle of his art movement. As I got my certification as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach also, I'd like to help empower others through my therapeutic art now, those who have gone through mental, physical and emotional harassment regain their identity and self-love.

2. What's your favorite and least favorite part of publishing?

Creation is both my favorite and least favorite! Hehehe! Because it has the deep pain of giving birth to something new but the dear pleasure of then being able to embrace it in your arms after it has come out!

It played a huge role in healing the past I endured. I realized my voice is important and if my platform can help others, this is exactly why I do what I do.

3. Let's talk about your book Artwords. How would you describe this book?

This book is about art and words combined to form a fusion of visual art and literature. It is composed of colorful literary artworks consisting of calligrams, photographs, and redactive poetry -- different forms of writing, which can be both read and appreciated visually.

Words have power to create images. Being both a writer and an artist, I went in that direction where literature could be seen as artwork as well. Coming from my second book, A Sensual World: What do you see?, the style of writing in Artwords takes it one step further as the writing itself becomes the art. They are one. Artwords is painting with words. It engages both your mind and your eyes in a seemingly simple yet witty fashion.

On a personal note, in a way, it is my own kind of Assertionism. I used different forms of visual art and writing, to assert my own negative inner pain, and transform it into a work of art I could cherish and share for the positive enjoyment of others, and that may also lead one to transcend their own struggle.

4. Is all the work in it original to you?

My work is my own creation. It has its own unique qualities. But I also believe all artists like to adapt and take what they see around them into their own hands and mold it like clay to whatever their hearts desire! ;-) The actual story for Artwords can be read in its introduction. I talk about spotting a picture of an actual banana that you could eat, with words written on it, from an extra-credit submission of a student, shown in his teacher's blog one day! The picture of that banana definitely tickled the creativity inside of me and I wanted to explore it and you can take that anywhere you want and there you go - we have Artwords now! Redactive poetry is something I've seen others play with in the past and chose to have my own take on it too by molding it with what I like to play with-- visual art!

5. How long did the book take to come together? How difficult was it to write?

My books normally take at least a year for me to finish. ;-) But the artwork in Artwords took me longer to create because the actual art is based on the visual presentation of the words, like needing to take their shape and form into consideration as well, aside from trying to make the words good writing!

6. Which of the pieces is your favorite?

The kite and some peanut butter (Taboo!). I like the comb as well and definitely, Deserted!

7. The reviewer discusses your "intelligent use of words." How did you get such a command of the English language?

English is the medium of instruction in the schools I attended and it is also spoken at home, so I learned it as a first language and grew up being bilingual. But the honing and mastery of the language must have come from my love for reading. I actually draw from a mixed cultural background, growing up in the "garden state" of New Jersey and graduating in the Philippines with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Major in Creative Writing from Ateneo de Manila University. I have always loved to read! As a kid, my Mom used to take me on afternoon walks to the public library in Watchung to pick a book to read, instead of the park! Hahaha! And I loved it. Bayberry School also had a program for advanced young readers called the Junior Great Books which I was luckily included in and I really enjoyed our discussions and childhood forums of the literature we were asked to read.

8. What's next for you?

After getting to this point with my own inner healing through art, and receiving a certification as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach, I now integrate my current and future books and art exhibits into my therapeutic art project Assert-Ur-Ism. I create my artwords, my visual poetry, as a therapeutic art, to no longer just help myself but help others also, especially women who have gone through mental, physical and emotional harassment regain their identity and self-love.The next theme of my visual poetry covers the topics I have struggled with in the past as a troubled teenager and actually sharing them, in hopes that this may be helpful to others. If you're someone who wants to support another but doesn't quite understand how to help them to express themselves or someone who's having a difficult time releasing the pain of the past, I am here for you with my therapeutic art; I am here for anyone who needs that release through therapeutic art. My email: or

I like to end with fun questions.

9. What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focused?

No one else around me! Hehehe. Well, it helps clear my mind when there are no distractions!

10. How did you celebrate when you finished your book?

I bought myself a gift-- a new book for inspiration!

11. What's one thing that can instantly make your day better?

Dessert! Hehehe! Cookies and hearing my toddler daughter tell me, "It's okay! Don't worry!"

12. What is the strangest food combination you enjoy?

I guess it's salted egg whites and cucumber!
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Post by Book owly »

I liked the answer to the 10th question 😃. I hadn't heard of Beatriz M. Robles before, but reading the interview I like the character and I will get to search for her books. In fact, knowing that her Artwork is the next book of the month makes me really wanna read the book. Nice Interview.
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What they mean by " I like the comb as well"😁😆
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Post by Jê hii »

Number 12 is quite funny 😂😂
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Post by Vennessa Kuek »

How interesting! It's always wonderful to hear what authors have to say :D
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Post by Tamara Bengesai »

Oh this an interesting interview. I laughed so hard at answer to question 12, well it is called health Living. Looking forward to see the book as Book of the Month.
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:lol2: :tiphat:
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Post by Carlos Mata Saenz »

I really look forward now to read Artwork. Great interview, it’s really good to have the opportunity of read things like this! Thanks.
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So good 😊 number 12 is so funny 🤣
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Post by TrishaCleve »

I've not heard of her work until this interview. Seeing as how I love to create artsy things, in good times and in bad times, I am interested to read this one.
I am in love with cookies as well :). That statement makes me feel as though I will be in line with her thought processes. Excited to see this one on the Book of the Month list. I sit in anticipation of the discussion boards on this one.
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Post by Keyonna25 »

I like her answer to number 2
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I love the fact that you need to be alone while writing,I do that too...I'm doing it right now though,it gives this peace of mind listening to your own thoughts over and over again and coming up with creative ideas undisturbed. That's a GIFT.
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Post by Sesyl Ventus »

Number 11 got me!
"It's okay! Don't worry"
Hearing that from a young kid is really funny and soothing.
Generally, I like her answers; they all seem sincere.
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Post by Catalina Isabel »

This sounds like a really interesting book! Also I totally relate to her answer's 9 and 11 😆
Looking forward to seeing more of her work!
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I think you should have started with question 12😂😂
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