Do dreams hold true meanings?

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Do dreams hold true meanings?

Post by krithikagowri »

Do you believe in dreams? Is it possible we dream of the future?

I have always had these questions. I believe that some times we dream of solutions to some problems or dream what might happen in the future. These dreams might be direct or symbolic( like chased by tigers..). Either way I believe all dreams that we remember after we wake up holds some meaning.
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Post by marcedona »

Yes I believe that once you believe in what you want nothing is impossible. Every dream is valid ;every dream must come true no matter how long it takes to fulfill
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When I started writing, i one night had a dream that i was pregnant.Being a man i was puzzled.However,my dream became real to me when my name appeared in print. Like an expectant woman i was also expectant to see my name in print as i submitted articles publication.So i really believe in dreams.
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Post by eelavahs-jay »

I've dreamt the impending death of a relative before and it came through. It took a bit of analyzing after the actual passing for me to realize it but when I did it was quite shocking. I didn't quite believe dreams held any true meaning but there was the other instance (much too personal to share) where I sort of started to believe that in a select few, it must might.
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Post by atonykamau »

I think dreams do hold meaning depending on each individual. It could mean a different thing to different people.
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Post by Kmykel »

I believe that dreams, at least for me, are my brain's way of coping with emotional trauma. I don't think they signify much of anything, except for the fact that I have issues that I need to unpack in my waking life.

Everybody is different, however.
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Post by kelvinmwaniki17 »

Dreams can hold meaning based on each individual's beliefs
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Julie Green
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Post by Julie Green »

Yes, I believe so. I once dreamed of a male friend who it turned out had dreamed about me on the same night. We ended up dating as a result! :o
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Post by Nusrat_Shabnam_ »

I think some dreams actually have true meaning. Some dreams may not have true meanings but some do have.
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Post by rumik »

I did have a dream when I was younger that ended up being very similar to reality, but I think it was just coincidence.
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Post by Bigwig1973 »

I've only remembered three dreams in my life and they were rather mundane and practical. I sometimes feel as if I am rather boring and practical and so, I figured "Hmmm - what a surprise". But, considering how bad night terrors, etc. are supposed to be, I guess that might not be so bad? I know there are books written on dream interpretation but I have never read any. I currently think the brain is like a computer and so, the brain is just solving problems. I've wondered if there is a connection between artistic capacities and dreaming - I'm artistic, but I just copy things I see - (boring and practical - well, sometimes that would be blasphemy, right?). I wonder if more imaginative artists dream (or remember their dreams) more and whether they are more vivid. So, if dreams are attempts to find answers, then are they true? In a manner, I suppose.
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Post by Jasy95 »

I personally have really strange dreams. They rarely make sense and they can get aggressive or violent very quickly. I am personally a very logical, calm person so they are in direct contrast with my personality and my life. As a result, I've never really paid any mind to dreams and don't think that they necessarily relate much to ourselves or our futures.
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Post by markodim721 »

I do not believe in dreams but I believe that dreams are our subconscious reflection on various events.
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