Overall Opinion of Burn Zones

Discuss the December 2015 book of the month Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery.
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Re: Overall Opinion of Burn Zones


I like the book as it was very inspirational. I love the concept of burn zones and how the author explains all his challenges in terms of burn zones and the way he emerged from them. I would definitely recommend this book to others.
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The book kind of serves as an encouragement to those who failed multiple times. For me, this book is a four out of four stars.
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It was a very uplifting read that shows you can do (almost) anything is you put your mind to it, make good relationships and put in hard work .
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Jorge "Jorgie" as his father called him tells his readers a personal story on how he overcame challenges and got back on his feet. It is a very inspiring read for anyone with a can-do attitude.
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This was a great book. I found it to be a page-turner and finished it in one weekend. It was motivating and I find the author to be inspiring. He didn't let life's lemons stop him in accomplishing his dreams. I wonder if Jorge has given Ted Talks. He would a great speaker. I rate the book 4 out of 4 and would definitely recommend it to others.
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I enjoyed Burn Zones because of the 'fall down - pick yourself up' essence of the story. My favourite part was reading about his drive and precociousness when he was a child. I would recommend this book, especially to entrepreneurs or people experiencing a particular hardship in their lives.
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stanley wrote: 15 Dec 2015, 18:09 It's clear that this is the story of a person remarkable for his ambition, perseverance, and business acumen. I was particularly interested by Newbery's account of his career as a professional bicycle racer. The tactical, physiological, and psychological considerations were fascinating.

Equally engaging was his seemingly simple strategy for rescuing underwater home owners by buying their mortgages reconfiguring them at current market value, and then selling their houses back to them. The whole device seemed too altruistic to be profitable, but Newbery made money at the same time that he helped others.

My only reservations about the book are that it could have been more professionally written and polished. The reading became tedious at those points where the author waxed a little too sentimental and long winded about his emotional responses to tragedy and adversity. That said, the writing if not of high literary quality, was adequate for telling the story of a fine human being's creative life adventure.
Great points. For all he accomplished and suffered, Newbery wasn't insufferably rhapsodic about his experiences, but there were some of these moments. The one that jumped out to me was when he listed his strengths and weaknesses which were—surprisingly—the same traits. He always worked too hard and rooted for the underdog. Despite this aspect of the book, I do agree it was a really interesting autobiography. Usually, I can't stand memoirs, but this was an exception.
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Reader5698 wrote: 13 Aug 2019, 20:39 What I really liked about this book is how Newbery always looked for lessons in his failures instead of blaming others or circumstances. I think it is important to sometimes just take a step back and try to see what one did wrong in order to do it better the next time.
I agree that his attitude was really inspiring. He even spells this out for the audience, concluding that everyone is their own "magic bullet," the catalyst that will drive change in their life. Newbery could've blamed the government or certain corporations for his failures, but he can admit when he gets in over his head. Ultimately, this approach works for him. Through his previous failures and issues, he eventually makes a successful business that helps struggling homeowners.
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Noosh wrote: 17 Jul 2019, 22:50 I wanna be that man! I wanna stay strong through every single burn zone of my life and never give up! Wouldn't that be great?
Now THAT is an incredible statement... I was trying to figure out how burn zone (I learned the term in the first page of the book) applied to life's lessons. Thank you SO MUCH!
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I had started to read and review this novel, however the device the book was on had broke thanks to an animal. I could not finish the book in time before needing to update a status. However, I had read a significant portion of this book and it thought some great lessons. Everyone has hard times that challenge someone more than other times. These are the most important times where you have to push your self harder than normal to win. it was a great novel. i hope to finish reading it one day.
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I loved reading the book in general. But I had hard time concentrating on the descriptions of the American realty situation. It was a bit boring for me as I had no prior knowledge of it.
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I thought this book was great. His story was inspiring yet humble. My favorite part was where he shared about taking his father to Argentina. I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling or just wants a good read.
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