What do you think about the Title?

Use this forum to discuss the January 2019 Book of the month "Winning the War on Cancer" by Sylvie Beljanski
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ElizaBeth Adams
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Re: What do you think about the Title?

Post by ElizaBeth Adams »

I too have lost close loved ones to cancer. When I first saw the title I was hopeful, hopeful that perhaps finally we are making true strides in this arena, strides that I hope will honor the memory of the loved ones who are not here any longer. However, each person who has experienced a loss has their own grief to deal with in his or her own way. I can see and respect that this title could sting. Sometimes if you've been through it, you can't even hear the word cancer without cringing at the devastation it has caused.

To someone else's point, it is also a shame when viable treatment options are discredited due to politics or money. This unfortunately dishonors the people who have lost their lives to this disease and the people currently fighting. I am pleased to see this author is shedding some light on these issues, and I hope good things come from it all the way around.
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Post by Bergahitaxxxxla »

I feel sorry for your loss, however I think the title is encouraging and it somehow gives hope to those who are battling with cancer.
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Post by mweni254 »

Hi i think the title of the book "WINNING WAR ON CANCER" sounds like a very eye catching title as one cannot just ignore in the event where they had or has a loved one battling cancer. In my opinion i think its extremely appropriate and a motivation to not lose hope to those experiencing the cancer situation.
kind regards.
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Post by chiefsimplex »

I think the title implied taking a long term perspective at the problem. It sought to build resilience using the blocks of hope which can be salvaged even as we go through the loss of loved ones. In this case the process would work best by involving a transformation in attitudes.Thus as far as the title is concerned ,the author was right on point.
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Post by Trinityo21 »

I feel as if the title fits, I have had many people in my family lose and win the battle against cancer. Cancer is kind of like a war; your battling against something which is what people do in war. War doesn’t all ways mean destruction it could mean strength and success. The title doesn’t imply that everyone shall win the war it implies that, that person won the battle against cancer. I also agree with those who say this title will give someone people a sense of hope. When someone is told they have cancer it’s hard and hearing all the stories about the treatments not working will make those people who want to battle against cancer lose hope. So I feel as if the see the title and see how that person lived through it and got better it will give them hope and a push to try a win the “war” against cancer.
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Post by janelwhite »

It is interesting how people interpret things in different ways. I didn’t read it as being past tense, already done. I read it as a mission statement. A statement of intent. It is a serious and sensitive subject.
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Post by danielleamy »

I understand some people may see the title as misleading. But, as many have said before, it may help raise hope for others which is great. I personally didn't see the title as misleading
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Post by onemorechap »

For me, it is best the way it is. The truest, the cruelest in the case of something so important. Yes, the possibility of not winning is big, even bigger than the opposite. But who can not have hope? Strenghts is what keeps people going, and each step we take towards strength, is a step towards a better life, no matter how long it may end to be :?
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Post by Maggie_brown_0013 »

briellejee wrote: 01 Jan 2019, 20:58 I am curious as to what your reaction in seeing the title. As for me, I lost loved ones because of cancer; and seeing the "Winning the War on Cancer" as the title of the book made me not want to read the it since it sounded like it claims that its like a done deal, that we are actually winning it when in truth there is only an alternative that may or may not work.

I appreciate the author's intention of being positive using the word "winning", especially to those who are still battling with it. But for me, who had loved ones that lost to the war, it sounded a bit ridiculous to say "winning". I think it could have been "In Trying to Win the War on Cancer". A little longer but at least a bit practical.

What about your thoughts on the title? Do you think it's fine the way it is? Or do you think it gives a bit of false hope to some, especially in the later stages of cancer?
I think that to those in the early stages of cancer, the title of this book is perfectly fine. However, I agree with the notion that it gives false hope to those in the late stages of cancer. It's almost as if the title is offering them a miracle cure to their terminal disease, and while they probably realize that this book won't offer them a cure, subconsciously I'm sure that they are disappointed.
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Brendan Donaghy
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Post by Brendan Donaghy »

My first thoughts on the title were that it was a good one, a real statement of intent on the part of the author. I still think that, to an extent, but having just searched for the book on Amazon, I noticed that there are two other books with a similar title. I think if I'd just put the effort into writing a decent book, which this is, I'd want to make sure that it didn't get confused with some other work.
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Emily Guerra
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Post by Emily Guerra »

I agree, it sounds like it's a done deal that someone is 'winning' the war on cancer. I have lost loved ones that battled years with it. At first, I had a similar reaction, it made me not want to read it until I read the review. I enjoyed the content versus title relation. Maybe a little less positive or something more defensive like "Fighting the War on Cancer" or something like that.
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Emily Guerra
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Post by Emily Guerra »

Shielasshi_93 wrote: 11 Mar 2019, 22:24 I feel sorry for your loss, however I think the title is encouraging and it somehow gives hope to those who are battling with cancer.
I guess you're also right. Just thinking about it, I think my reaction would've been different back when my dad was still alive and battling cancer.
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Post by jahagen »

I can definitely see how it can be taken in many different ways, but I personally think it sounds like it's offering hope to many.
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Post by ayomie »

It all depends on the perspective from which you're looking at the title. When there's hope, there's a will to fight. I think the title can help in imparting some hope to sufferers.
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Post by promise10 »

The tittle is uplifting and i don't mind it.
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