What stuck with you?

Use this forum to discuss the May 2020 Book of the month, "Grace Revealed: Finding God's Strength in Any Crisis" by Frederick J. Sievert.
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What stuck with you?

Post by Halibean2428 »

In every book, there’s one thing that truly sticks with you. What stuck with you in this book?

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Post by Joseph_ngaruiya »

In this book, the impact sexual abuse has on people, and the different ways they can deal with it is what stood out for me.

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Laura Lee
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Post by Laura Lee »

What a great question! I hope you get some more answers. For me, personally, it wasn't any one story in particular but the combined weight of them all underscored that no matter what happens in life, you can trust the Creator to provide and sustain. No matter what happens, the Creator of all will carry you through. In toto, the stories and the Bible verses in the book remind me of Psalm 37:39 & 40:

"The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord;
He is their strength in the time of trouble.
And the Lord shall help them and deliver them;
He shall deliver them from the wicked,
And save them,
Because they trust in Him."
Laura Lee

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Post by AntonelaMaria »

Some stories were harder to read than others. I liked and admire Jane strength. Then there is Frank with whom I could relate. All other stories especially abuse ones are difficult to read. I think what stays is the message of the book, a message of hope and perseverance of all these people. In the end that is what all we can do is have faith.
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Post by Tonika632 »

Positivity kept me tied to this book. Definitely, one of the most beautiful non - fiction novels I have read. I just love the thought that there's someone watching your back all the time...

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Post by Fem187 »

What stood out for me is that abuse is never a good thing to happen to anyone. But how we handle this unfortunate situations is equally important.

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Post by Jajachris »

The hope and positivity from each of the stories were what stuck with me. It is quite comforting to know that though the night may be long, joy comes in the morning.

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Post by HeatDods22 »

All of the examples in this book of God's love and His willingness to help us in times of trouble if we only rely on Him are very impactful. The author did a great job adding relatable Bible verses to each story that really helped me as well.
Although all of the stories in this book are moving, one of them really stuck out to me. Bob Uber's story is truly inspirational. A soldier in Vietnam, Uber really had a servant's heart. Even though he was had his plate full with participating in a war, he still took the time out to spread the gospel and hand out children's coloring and activity pages that his mother sent, making a big impact to those people.
Another thing that I found really moving was that while he was overseas, Bob Uber's wife would suddenly get a very strong urge to pray for her husband's safety. After he returned from the war and they talked about it, he realized that each and every time she had that urge he had been in immediate danger. I just thought that was so cool! God helps us in mysterious ways but it just fills me with such wonder when things like that happen in our lives.
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Post by HeatDods22 »

Jajachris wrote:
21 May 2020, 22:37
The hope and positivity from each of the stories were what stuck with me. It is quite comforting to know that though the night may be long, joy comes in the morning.
I completely agree! The fact that these people were able to find the good in these horrible circumstances was very inspirational to me!
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Post by Kanda_theGreat »

Faith stuck for me. The fact that one constantly needs to hold on to God, despite all that life jabs, is what actually stuck with me.
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Post by AvocaDebo621 »

What stood out for me in this book was the impact sexual abuse has on people and the several ways they deal with it.

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Post by IchbineinBerliner »

It wasn't a particular story that got to me. They all hurt so much. The part I will hold on to is the idea of passing God's grace on to others.

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Post by brown_gal »

One thing that I took away from this book is the ability of people to overcome the biggest obstacles in life. These people give me courage and strength. And also the way tragedies can have a lasting impression on the lives of people. We never think twice before uttering a seemingly lovely comment, which may or may not hurt the person. It has made me a more self-aware person in general.

Faithful Oso
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Post by Faithful Oso »

What stuck with me in all these books is that no matter how dark our story may be, God always comes through. How quick someone's story can change from Zero to Hero because his grace is ever sufficient.

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Post by AmyMarie2171 »

It wasn't a message that I took from the book as much as just an overwhelming feeling of comfort. Some of the stories and examples were painful, but the overarching reminder that God is with us through every crisis, every failure, and every triumph kept and continues to keep encouraging my faith.

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