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Review of Emotional Intelligence At Work

Post by Eutoc »

[Following is an official review of "Emotional Intelligence At Work" by Richard M Contino & Penelope J Holt.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Contrary to popular opinion, our emotions play a significant role in our career as much as the most prominent of all success metrics, intelligence quotient. In Emotional Intelligence At Work, Richard M. Contino and Penelope J. Holt guide their readers on how to identify their emotional needs at their workplaces. Being aware of the roles our emotions, including that of our co-workers, play in our work-life balance is crucial. One is an action away from steering his career to where he would like it to be.

The first few chapters were dedicated to showing the readers the different scenarios where our emotional needs tend to bias business decisions. Fictitious stories and narrations from personal experiences were presented to show practical ways a high business emotional intelligence can be helpful. Identifying our emotional needs isn’t something that could be easily uncovered, which is why the authors suggested using emotional clues. These clues could help knowledge workers have a better understanding of themselves. They can also be used to figure out the different personalities exhibited by their co-workers. The aim of the book is geared towards helping the reader attain a state of high emotional intelligence in their business life.

I enjoyed every bit of this book. It made me see business growth and development from a different vantage point. As a strong proponent of IQ over EQ, I must confess that the authors elaborately proved that a high IQ needs to work in tandem with a high EQ for the best career or business growth. The part that was beneficial to me the most has to be where strategies for striking the best business negotiations were highlighted.

All good books do have their flaws. I think the only thing I do not like about the book is its lack of scientific justifications for its claims. Although a handful of readers might not see this as a big deal, it’s something I love seeing in such kinds of books. Since various researches have been conducted in this field, the authors could do worse than making references to these works. I would also point out the few errors that I found in the book. Another round of proofreading would be needed.

I learnt a lot from reading this book. There isn’t anything I think would warrant denying this book the perfect rating that it deserves. Hence, I would give Emotional Intelligence At Work a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. I would recommend the book to knowledge workers. Having a high business EQ would give one the intellectual capacity to excel in their business ventures.

Emotional Intelligence At Work
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Sou Hi
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Post by Sou Hi »

Thanks for your interesting review. Along with our working abilities, emotions play a great part in our relationships with our co-workers, bosses, and clients. I guess the book will be useful material to improve our EQ.
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Post by Raluca_Mihaila »

Emotional intelligence is a skill we should all posses, and the job challenges put it at best use. Even now, when people are working remotely :). Thank you for this thorough review!
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Aarti Jha
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Post by Aarti Jha »

As a believer in the importance of EQ, i think i am really going to enjoy reading this book someday. Great review!
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Post by NISSE »

In earlier times, IQ considered to be the most important aspect in the work place.However, in modern times, the most important aspect is the emotional intelligence.Great review!
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Zaeda Amrin
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Post by Zaeda Amrin »

I, too, believed having high emotional intelligence is key to success in the business world and have always sought to hone this skill. The writing and stories sound like a creative way to teach the readers as well. Thank you for the excellent review!
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Post by Eloque3locks »

The review informs that there are various strategies to help balance EQ and IQ in order to ensure proper career growth, though it goes on to mention that only references are used instead of scientific justifications. Still shows that EQ growth is very important.
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Deprise Evans
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Post by Deprise Evans »

This book sounds like such an important educational tool, especially for those within the workforce. I will have to give this book a read! Thanks for your great review!
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Cebo Mollifii
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Post by Cebo Mollifii »

Excellent review, It sounds like a lesson of balance and I think everyone must learn from it, definitely deserve a read
Ntombifuthi Londi
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Post by Ntombifuthi Londi »

Great review. I love how this reviews talks about EQ and IQ at a work place. Interesting book, must read indeed. Thank you
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Urvashi Tripathi
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Post by Urvashi Tripathi »

In my degree course I got few subjects that talked about emotional intelligence, business ethics and business communications. I personally loved all this subjects and scored highest grade that time. Your review is making me to pick up this book and expand my knowledge more. Thank you for the amazing review.
Zandile Zwane
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Post by Zandile Zwane »

Great review! Sounds really a must read, frankly speaking ,any writing or plan shedding insight on the power of harnessing EQ in addition to IQ in the workplace(most challenging environmment) is a vital tool
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Post by Josephe-Anne »

I agree that the authors could have referenced scientific studies to offer some form of evidence for their claims. I also believe you are correct in stating that both EQ and IQ are valuable in the workplace (and life in general).

Thank you for an excellent review.
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Jose Josphat
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Post by Jose Josphat »

I have read several articles with divergent views on where to place EQ and/or IQ as determinants of business career success. Emotional Intelligence At Work, from the excellently done review, seems to give a balance on the two concepts. Being a person hoping to run successful business ventures, this would be a great read for me.
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Post by valiantecho »

This is something I would recommend to my father.
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