What is the best way to overcome abuse and trauma?

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Re: What is the best way to overcome abuse and trauma?

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I think you should seek counceling and also rely on the support of friends and family.
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No not only the alcoholic father is responsible if the girl has a mother she can bring her to art school to grow her talent in art and meet new friends. So that through that she forgot all the bad things happen to her.
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I think that it is simple for writers to describe abusive scenes if they are able to connect with their own writing. In cases where the author has to imagine a scene, it may be somehow challenging especially if the author and the character in writing are of different gender.
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I believe the best way is to talk about it, to a psychologist, a friend, a kind listening ear. Just speak up and don't keep it bottled up because that would cause more damage!
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Have been abused for so many things but what a mature person should have to do is to just take his nor her time and just concentrate on how to overcome those allegations to prove them wrong
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Post by Marlaya »

I feel like the child is very mature for standing up for herself for her father mistreating her. Most people don't stand up for themselves because they don't want their treatment worse but the people that standing up to their father is very brave indeed to stand up to an acholic of a father. How I would personally due with the abuse is seek counseling because a therapist could help you find a way to a recovery. But I agree the nother is definitely at fault too because she had allowed it to get this far to where the husband turns abusive but on the other hand it never no one fault to where someone that you're related to could do such a thing to just a child and the mother.
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Post by LisaGreen »

Patience and meditation is the best way to overcome abuse or trauma. Depression and eyes sights loss are some effects with mediation you can overcome through the facts.
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elivia05 wrote: 18 Jun 2018, 19:42
Mr Benji wrote: 06 Apr 2018, 17:26 One way to one overcome trauma is to speak with your pastor. And you must forgive the abuser so you can move on. Though the pain hurts, one must move on.
I totally agree. There is no correct way to overcome abuse. Everyone is different and people handle trauma differently.

Sadly, not everyone is able to overcome

their traumatic experiences because of the

memories such events that still lingers on.
Books are lovely.
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Post by linham02660 »

Physical and emotional abuse is so multi-faceted. There is never just one side to hold accountable. Natalies story is no different. The grandfather, mother, Alex and even other folks in the town who knew the situation, are all partially to blame. It was great the Natalie had art as a way to cope.
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Post by DakotaA »

I don't believe there is a way to get over trauma. Trauma and abuse will change a person forever- you can only learn to get away from what is hurting to and to find peace so that you can live the rest of your life as happily as you can.

I hope that people can stop feeling so ashamed of their past as well. My trauma made me who I am and I am content with that person! (Therapy helps too)
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Post by labibliofile »

Therapy helps a lot to overcome denial and to stop blaming yourself for what happened, it's also very important to build your own confidence and take self-defence classes so you are not constantly afraid and you know that you can protect yourself.
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Jessy Ben
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Post by Jessy Ben »

Therapy helps a lot
And opening up to someone will also help
Self defence is good too
Re: What is the best way to overcome abuse and trauma?
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