How do you think this would be as a live performance?

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Re: How do you think this would be as a live performance?

Post by daynacrist35 »

I think this would make an amazing movie or performance on stage. I believe there wouldn't be a worst scene but the scene's that show the relationship between her and her mother and grandpa would be some of the best scenes. There is so much that happens her sixteenth year, this would be entertaining to watch live or in a movie.
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Post by cpru68 »

I could easily see this being converted into a play. The book is set up in segments with each chapter being a subject dealt with. Even though Natalie is reminiscing throughout the book about the year she turned 16, that could easily be formatted into a play. The storyline reminded me of a play with few characters but enough dialogue to make it work on stage. I think it would be great.
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Post by FilmStar »

I feel like it would be more for the screen when I think about


Alex's death scene. I can't imagine that part being on stage.
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Post by mtsnel006 »

A stage setting is the most preferable as it would elicit emotional reactions to the play, since the play would be performed live and just in front of the attendees, as opposed to watching it from the movies. :lol:
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Post by crediblereading2 »

I think it would be perfect both as a play and a movie.
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Post by 6912dirtyfeet »

putting it on stage would be a good idea I would like to see it preformed live.
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Post by jo89220n »

I personally love the idea of turning books into television shows. With a movie or play, you would have to cut so much out and that would be a challenge with such a complex and emotionally charged novel. I think there is a lot that could be done with a tv show and I would be really interested to see how the novel was broken up into separate episodes.
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Post by Mildred Tabitha »

I like the book and more because I can relate with the story. I truly don't support it for a live performance. The book is not good to be acted out because it contains more emotional energy. I think most parts of the book will be difficult to be acted out like trying to show how the children were emotionally affected or while dealing with the stepfather. I much prefer reading than watching.
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Post by kwahu »

Dating a married man, and in this case, your employer would be a grisly scene. This book can produce a wonderful film.
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Post by gen_g »

I feel that this book would indeed be a challenge if it were to be put on as a play, as the standard run-time for a play might be too short to fully convey all the emotional and psychological nuances of the story - in this sense, a TV series with great actors and actresses might be better.
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Post by holsam_87 »

britt13 wrote: 06 Apr 2018, 17:25 As a director myself, I always think about how I would stage a book. Do you think this story would work for either the screen (movie or T.V.) or stage? What do you think would be the best scenes or worst? What do you think would be hard to do? Thoughts?
A series would be best to show the deeper parts of this book. Showing the abuse would be the worst scenes and hardest to do for sure.
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Post by stalliongirlke »

I think a stage appeals to me more as a person.i like live performances
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Post by NRoach »

Everything can work on the stage or screen with a good enough script, but whether or not it would be faithful to the original, I don't know.
I do feel that it would work better on the stage than on the big screen, simply because I think the theatre lends itself more to this kind of story, and is less hamstrung by the time restraints of the silver screen.
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Post by tirzahhawkins »

Live performances can benso powerful and offer the most powerful feelings sometimes. Of course, it all depends on the cast and the director.
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Post by Ana_Saints »

Of course, this book has a great story line, if it to be portrayed as a movie or a series the audience will come in great numbers since there are non-readers and people who are more into movies than to books.
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