Dean Koontz

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Re: Dean Koontz

Post by stacihunsinger »

I am a big fan of Dean Koontz. My dad and I love to discuss his work, but I do find them to be a bit weird. I love the Odd Thomas series, but again sometime they get a bit crazy. I will by no means stop reading them, but I have to mentally prep myself for them at times.

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Post by t+vaughn »

I tried reading everything Koontz had written for quite a while, but then I fell off. And yes, his books do get a bit crazy! The last book of his that I read and really enjoyed was The Husband. Very entertaining and suspenseful.

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Post by tomm313 »

Personally i think that Dean Koontz is one of the best thriller writers out there but if you like the crime thriller but you find that koontz is a bit crazy then personally i would recommend that you try James Patterson. he did a fair few teenage books but also did some very good thrillers such as; Cat and Mouse and Jack and Jill which i found very hard to put down once i had started reading them due to the suspense created throughout the whole book.

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The first Dean Koontz book i ever read was Velocity when i was about 13 (only being 19 now) and it had me hooked on his books but then i was introduced to a few new authors and didn't pursue Koontz's books until recently but i would definitely recommend 'The Good Guy', had me struggling to put it down.

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The first Dean Koontz book i ever read was Velocity when i was about 13 (only being 19 now) and it had me hooked on his books but then i was introduced to a few new authors and didn't pursue Koontz's books until recently but i would definitely recommend 'The Good Guy', had me struggling to put it down.

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Post by TammyO »

KirkB wrote:I used to read Dean Koontz a lot - but I haven't read one of his novels in awhile, since probably the 90s. They're pretty good, I guess. Some of my favs are:

Twilight Eyes
Mr. Murder
I agree. I haven't read Koontz since the 90's myself. If I had to pick those 4 are the one's I remember reading and really enjoying. Koontz's newer novels "Odd Thomas Series" and "Frankenstein" are 2 that I have heard great things about. I can't wait to start reading them; they are on my to be read list...
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Post by bbeverly »

Dean Koontz is definitely a favorite of mine. While some of novels can have off the wall story lines, I still love them.
Some favorites would be:
1. Frankenstein series
2. Door to December
3. The Good Guy
4. Intensity
5. Velocity
6. Odd Thomas series
There are many more I enjoyed by him, but those are ones I've read several times each.

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Post by Levi »

Watchers, Intensity, Night Chills, Dragon Tears. These are books I read in about the fifth grade. I like Dean. I also recently read a Big Little Life. It's a story about his dog and gives insights into the man as well, I highly recommend it. Are his books classics, maybe not, but I always enjoy them whereas sometimes I want to punch Ernest Hemingway when I read his writing ha ha.

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I also have on my to read list From the Corner of His Eye which was highly recommended
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Post by LKaye »

My all time favorite book by Dean Koontz is Dragon Tears. However I enjoyed the first three novels of his Frankenstein series also.

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Post by ReaderLeader »

I love his Odd Thomas books. Also the ones with Chris Snow. Now there's a character I'd love to see in more books. For me, I love his unique style and ability to make the oddest things seem possible.

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Post by BookLover1990 »

I actually just finished the Odd Thomas series and I've read life Expectancy. I thoroughly enjoyed both. Granted the last book of the Odd Series, Saint Odd, seemed to be a rush to finish the series. It didn't have the usual humor majority of the other books did and it also lost me a certain points throughout the story where, after rereading parts several times, I had to move on and hope that they made sense later in the story.

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Post by taretal51 »

Dean is my all time favorite author's. When he wrote the bad place, I was hooked.

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Post by Cate Mbevi »

I have read his book " The husband". I love his dry humour in describing the characters for example, "the one with the face that was not smooth".

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Post by teacherjh »

My favorite is The Watchers. I only started reading Koontz 10 years ago and now he's my favorite author.

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Post by Dael Reader »

Life Expectancy is my favorite by far.

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Post by Paula45+ »

I love all Dean Koontz books. Haven’t read all the odd Thomas yet but I want to finish the series bad

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Post by jahagen »

Strangers is a really good one by him. I've also been making my way through the Frankenstein series because my mom adores those books, so she would definitely highly recommend those.

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