Review: The Boy who Lived with Ghosts

Discuss the October 2013 book of the month "The Boy who Lived with Ghosts" by John Mitchell.
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Re: Review: The Boy who Lived with Ghosts

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It's interesting to look over these older reviews. It is clear that this work is not a rip-off of Casper the Friendly Ghost, to go by the detail in this excellent summary. Seems like an intriguing sociological work with a dash of the supernatural thrown in. Good work here, Tigania.
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You have posted a great review! This book is just worth our time. I would love to try it!
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This is amazing indeed. The challenges that John was facing seem very tough. I wonder how he was able to cope up with them. I would love to read this.
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feyindie60 wrote: 09 Oct 2013, 23:19 Just read the first 40 pages in a teaser. Of course I had to order this book. The author's approach has sucked me in right from the start. Sometimes I feel like I'm reliving scenes from my life.Sometimes I'm watching a movie. Sometimes I'm in psychology class again. You have just encouraged my interest! Can't wait for the mail!
I read the teaser as well. I thought the book would be very sad from the bit I read. Evidently, that young boy grew up to learn to read and write and was able to articulate his horrid childhood. Unfortunately, I could not stand to read anymore. I've read, seen, and lived enough sad scenes.
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Great review! I usually like stories involving ghosts, but I don't like stories with a lot of abuse in it.
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Wow, sounds like I'd really enjoy this book. Thanks for your review!
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Great review. The reviewer really made this book sound so interesting.
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Thank you for a good review of this book and the writing style within.
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