Overall rating and opinion of "Opaque" by Calix Leigh-Reign

Use this forum to discuss the February 2020 Book of the month, "Opaque" by Calix Leigh-Reign
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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "Opaque" by Calix Leigh-Reign

Post by JaimeAlfonzo »

It makes me remember Demian by Hermann Hesse; an adolescent point of view of the World. The differences are big of course. In Demian the protagonist was naive, he just discovered the not moral side of life. In contrast, the protagonist of Opaque lacks of this primal innocence. In fact Adam is more like the Holden in Catcher in the Rye, but with a more passive aptitude.
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Post by Pocoyo »

Not having read any of other books of this genre it reminded me as a mixture of Buffy meets the X-Men. I am sure that the author will have great success with this novel and it has the potential to be turned into a series and be suitable for film adaptations. The more interesting question for me though is what is the reason for the growing appeal of such novels where the protagonist uses "supernatural" powers to solve problems rather than use "real-world" political or technical skills - now that would make a real page turner.
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Post by Netvigator72 »

I definitely am not someone who enjoy the sci-fi books but with the author merging romance into the storyline made all the difference for me. I would highly recommend this book.
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Post by Nujudee »

Carly sure fitted into Adam's life..
I envy the Relationship they shared together.
This book is a 4 star rating for me..
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Post by gayscott »

Great book! I loved the strong female character. The storyline kept me intrigued.
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Post by Kishor Rao »

Initially, it put me off with Adam's strong desired to court JoAnn but I warmed up to it later on when Carly entered and when the book took a sudden turn in the narrative style. I would recommend this book. I gave it 3 stars in my review.
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Post by sacredheartsbookclub »

Kishor Rao wrote: 23 Apr 2020, 23:49 Initially, it put me off with Adam's strong desired to court JoAnn but I warmed up to it later on when Carly entered and when the book took a sudden turn in the narrative style. I would recommend this book. I gave it 3 stars in my review.
I am considering reading this and I would like to know what took away the other stars in the rating? Thanks for giving an honest review :tiphat:
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Post by Little Muse »

I'm in the middle of reading this book and, from the look of things so far this book is a four star. It is full of action and suspense and Adam is really awesome.
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Post by Northernbird84 »

I wasn't going to get this book as my to read pile keeps growing ha ha I was worried it would be a little too much like Twilight which is no for me at all. But I have to admit I'm intrigued after reading your reviews. I may add this to my to read list and pick it up as a free read at some point if I can xxx
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Post by Ik5 »

This book was a good one, It was adventurous and the beautiful love story of Carly and Adam mesmerized me. :)
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Post by alicia_fountain »

I've been very interested in genetics, and this book is giving me some insight into how Calix envisions genetics and how it plays out in the world. I think this book has been good so far, but I still have a little bit left to read. Hopefully the ending is just as good as the rest of it!
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Post by Mbalewechinonso »

I just recently read this book. Well, for me the book has a 4 out of 4 for being professionally edited and I love books with all kinds of mutant powers too😊😊 but I disliked the way people close to Adam and Carly have to die😥😥. I'll recommend this book to those who also loves superheroes books and comics because it's got exactly what they need
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Post by _Lilee_ »

I rated Opaque a 1 out of 4. I could see the appeal and potential of the story during the later half of the novel, but the concepts and behaviors that happened in the beginning ruined the story for me. I absolutely love the idea of a hidden bloodlines but the way Calix Leigh-Reign used the concept did not appeal to me. Still, it was a solid read once you get passed the beginning.
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Post by Falling4Ever »

I thought it was a nice mix of romance and sci-fi. The death was tragic and the character development was spectacular.
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Post by WildFern »

So far, all the reviews I have seen of this book are filled with praise and rated 4 stars. I'm not usually too into fantasy, but I'll pick it up once in a while, so I might just have to check it out after all this hype!
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