Featured Official Review: I Had A Secret For Seventeen Years

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Re: Featured Official Review: I Had A Secret For Seventeen Years

Post by ashleymarie310 »

This truly sounds fascinating. I cannot begin to conceptualize the burden of a choice like that; however, I think everyone can empathize with feeling like there are parts of your past that have to remain secret. It seems like a beautiful story that can show people that there are ways to move past the things that cause us guilt and accept them as part of our past.
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Post by Chulin15 »

Is incredible of how pain can be carried for so long . Well written novel
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Post by NerdyVicky »

This looks like a personal viewpoint to the Pro-life movement and a book that will be filled with assurances of God's grace. Well done with the review.
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Post by Kibetious »

I am glad that Shaw has actually shared her personal story. This will be of immense help to countless others who have had to suffer shame and guilt while also pointing to what is right. Thanks for the review.
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Post by djacuzzi »

It’s a big secret to keep for so
long, Shaw must be free from it now that she’s finally opened up about it after 17 years. It must’ve took a toll on her and nobody’s ever ready to just express abortion to the world.
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Post by auzi+nz+bookclub »

Very interesting book.I loved it with my coffee.Happy she healed after 17 vry long year.Can feel the pain.
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Post by Mtibza eM »

Mhmm, abortion is really a very sensitive topic amongst many societies worldwide. And to know that she is a Christian, just tempt me more to get my hands on this book. I just have many questions right now that I think only reading this book will be saturated enough. Thank you for the great review.
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Post by Shamila94 »

This book really had ne intrigued and hooked as it is so interesting also the way abortion is something that many women do not talk about and she has healed from it after 17 years.
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Post by Devalsodha »

This sounds to be a heart breaking story of a woman who is continuously judged by the people and society.
We need to be more compassionate for women and need more books like this.
Wonderful review 👍
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Post by Ambernagel »

It sounds like a very deep book. Knowing that there has been many others of people that could have gone through the same thing, this book could help them cope and heal with what they went through. I’ll definitely read this!
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Post by Ivaa »

I can't imagine having to bury a secret like that for 13 years from your own husband. This book sounds like it has many lessons to teach about self growth and grieving. While this sounds like a heartbreaking story to read about, I'm sure it teaches the readers a lot of lessons.
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Post by Jazzymama101 »

Seems like an exsperience. This a strong message from some to are in display to share with others as well..
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Post by YoshiB69 »

Interesting book. Secret was kept for years. Thank for the review
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Post by mahbub Alom SEO »

It must have been a lot for a woman to have to bury this pain for so long. I am able to relate to the protagonist. Looking forward to read the book. Thanks for sharing the honest review.Mahbub Alom SEO
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Post by Mashareyouready »

I think a major contributor to the author's sadness a burden was her not talking about the sad experience with her spouse. It's good to know that she's past that stage and now has a platform to help other women.
I enjoyed reading your review. Nice work.
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